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[download] CycloDS skin - Digimon Savers Tomato

I decided to be a huge dork and made a skin for the CycloDS. IT WAS FUN~ I should make more.

ZIP file

To use it, extract it to a separate folder in the /CycloDS/skin/ folder on the microSD card, such as /CycloDS/skin/DigimonSaversTomato, then load CycloDS on the DS and change your skin on the settings menu. More details

Yay for more portable manpron tomato~ I shall be submitting to NDSthemes too.~

And I'm going to use this opportunity to say it again in case people missed it >_>

I've just gotten a notice from Lulu.com that there will be a price inflation effective October 28, 2008. According to my calculations, each Act will be ~$1.50 more expensive after the inflation!!!
So if you're still considering getting tomato doujinshi An Act of Circumstance, please get it soon~~~~~~
T___T I don't like the inflation either, it affects me too...!

And while I'm on a post with DS stuff, any readers considering getting the DSi? *swt*
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