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[talk] End of Summer 2008 season anime

I've just gotten a notice from Lulu.com that there will be a price inflation effective October 28, 2008. According to my calculations, each Act will be ~$1.50 more expensive after the inflation!!!
So if you're still considering getting tomato doujinshi An Act of Circumstance, please get it soon~~~~~~
T___T I don't like the inflation either, it affects me too...!

I'm finding that it's getting harder and harder to stay in a pleased mood these days. I'm grateful for a lot of crap, yet at the same time, I find my despise for my shortcomings are overwhelming my strengths because of all the expectations upon me, and I can't get out of it. It's not so much of "getting out of the wrong place" as it is "not getting the chance to get into the right place." The problem is not so much as escaping what hinders me as it is... not getting accepted into what would benefit me. It's like being born in the wrong place, at the wrong time. And hey, as the wrong sex too, to add to the list. w00t.
Time to find a time machine *digs head into the nearest jidouhanbaiki D8*

But no, my ability to enjoy anime hasn't been affected as much. AS much. The animation world seems to be one of the only things that never tires me out. Even if I hate Geass, I'll still recognize that a ridiculous amount of watchers find it appealing because the people on there do ridiculously horrible things all the time like a cliche soap opera. I did get an art commission out of Geass, so it wasn't a 100% waste at least :P

Anyway... Happier fangirl mode ON :D

Come get more Digimon subs at ryuu_rogue~

I've finally been getting around to watching more of Kodomo no Omocha (Child's Toy), years after my sister introduced it to me in purple VHS fansubs. I really got a kick when that Nick person we went to Otakon with saw them in the basement and recognized the fansubs. Oldschool fansubbingggg.
Anyway, Kodocha... one of the longest shoujo series ever (102 eps), back when shoujo was successful enough to endure such long anime, haha. I'd heard they had done some arcs that weren't in the manga and I finally got to see some of it for myself. I have the manga back home, but I hadn't really read through it all yet. When my sister first got it for me, I'd spend hours and hours going through the volumes with a hiragana/katakana chart, and even when I didn't know the MEANING of what they were saying, that was how I learned my hiragana/katakana. That was wayyy back in middle school, and then I didn't practice any of it in high school since I concentrated on French, so I pretty much forgot all of it and had to start fresh in university anyway.
I think Sana's character has been a pretty big influence to me, moreso in the anime than the manga. The anime's directed by a pretty special person, and it's pretty apparent in his other works too. I can't think of any other shoujo that gets close to the crack-level of Gintama and the like.~
There's still a 24gb working torrent of the whole series that are raws with .srt files.~
Even though some of the clothes fashions are soooo out-of-date. XD Just ignore that.

omgggggggg the new Gintama op/ed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq9bSzC2N8o
It's so saddddd thinking that this may very well be the last Gintama opening. ToT; I really like the ending song too.
The animation in ep 126 was pretty unique. I LIKE it. xD;;; Shinpachiiiiiii, Gintokiiiiiiiii... ;;
I'm really getting the feeling of Sunrise really chugging the best for the final round of Gintama. ONEGAISHIMASU

And not exactly anime, but I reallllly need a Messiah icon~~ I wonder what Messiah would be like animated.~ Hopefully not as messed up as Touka Gettan >_> Although Studio DEEN would probably be the only ones who would make it a series. This and/or Lamento would be so nice interesting to see animated~

[anime impression]
●Antique Bakery - ♥♥♥♥ short and sweet. pun'd.
●Chi's Sweet Home - ♥♥♥♥ Still got the last few eps to see, but... asdkfjhsd so short and sweet. More puns!
●Code Geass R2 - Um, okay. SWEET HE REALLY DID DIE. But I wanted him to take more of the other people with him. Damn. Otherwise the ending was too fluffy to me and needed more Misa-lookalike going "KIRA-SAMA..." Mm yeah. It needed more death.
●Macross Frontier - I guess I'll go marathon it sometime for the seiyuu xD
●Monochrome Factor - Finishing later, but I gotta say it's kind of like the black knight for the solid animation and just overal solid production work on a series that otherwise doesn't get much attention at all.
●Nabari no Ou - Finishing later~
●Neo Angelique Abyss Second Age - Uh, pretty bois, but not as interesting as Kiniro no Corda. It's just another one running in the background while I game, and I haven't finished it yet. XD
●Natsume Yuujinchou - ♥♥♥♥ Second season has been confirmed for January! Before it started airing, I had the impression of this being as meditative as Mushishi. It's actually more light-hearted and comedic than Mushishi, which is still very nice for my heart. Touching. ^^ Kazuhiko-sensei's Nyanko-sensei is very very awesome with Kamiyan.
●Ryoko's Case File - ♥♥♥ I wasn't really looking forward to doing this with AnY/AonE because the supernatural stuff was ugly and I wanted us to do Natsume instead, but the story is actually pretty decent, and the main duo is pretty amusing.
●World Destruction - Finishing later. Playing the DS game right now. Most of the characters have different personalities. I probably would've come to like the game personalities if I had played it before watching the anime, but now that I've seen the anime first, I like them more. But I haven't finished either yet, and it definitely feels like one of those things that won't settle everything until the very end. Don't spoil me D8
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