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[talk] Moar pics

I found a proxy that works wonderful speeds with LJ~ and downloads faster than my wireless by itself sometimes ;; But my wireless in general is still really unstable.

Have I ever mentioned I'm in love with the commenting feature on nicovideo? It's kinda like being at a screening at a convention where everyone hollers out all these comments while you're watching stuff~ in Japanese. XD;; Anytime I need a good laugh...
Masaru's character song - I dare you try to count to count the number of "cute" vs "cool" XDDD
Sumomo Masaru
Lots of nasty-mouthed Kagura ♥

Your result for The Social Proficiency Test...


You know how to work your circle of friends and are always polite and intensely interested in what they have to say. You aren't driven by personal gain but instead by a genuine interest in people. However, sometimes your overt friendliness can make you seem a little on the fake side, but that is VERY rare.

Take The Social Proficiency Test at HelloQuizzy

This quiz rather sucked because it assumed too much about how people socialize in the first place. For example, I don't go to the theatres in the first place if I'm not interested in seeing the movie in theatres, and I could never imagine letting a friend pick a movie without having a say in it because I'm too opinionated and time-managing-picky for that ahahahhaa.

Sashimi picture.
Lol That's just way too much appearance for a few pieces of salmon >_>; It was a somewhat upclassy restaurant specializing in dimsum.
Vegetarian meal for Tzu Chi. After soup, they dished out 4 or so more plates of food and brought out the Papaya milk. Of course, a tiger like me ended up getting hungry a couple hours later no matter how many of those carbs I ate in this meal.

Old ones from back home:
I don't take enough pictures of oldcat. I mean Lucy. She really likes putting down all her weight on mom's belly when she's on the couch. And she's a pretty heavy sleeper with her age now. Awww.
Lina REALLLLLLY wanted to come with me. I knew it ToT. waaaaaaaaa.

I miss them by a huge, ridiculous amount.

End of fall 2008 anime impressions to come as things end, and lots of DS gaming blab too likely :D
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