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[talk] CGI Proxy doesn't show animated GIFs properly :(

I... really can't take going to these Tzu Chi groupings from 7:30 to 4. It's like a horribly-extended church session. Seriously. I... need to be productive in my own ways! Argh. Argh. Argh.

I... brought my tablet, but I forgot to bring my tablet pen, and replacements for JUST THE PEN cost 70 bucks. -.-; I had the grip pen. I... guess I'll just have to suffer tablet withdrawal for another couple months T________T The tomato meme will have to wait until then too. Big sadness...

In the meanwhile, I guess I'll get working on Onmyou Taisenki DVD. It'll keep me exercised for JLPT too, a little.
But the urges to tabletdraw T______T

Hahaha a buttload (literally) of reasons why Gintama anime isn't licensed. And it doesn't even go into some of the other toilet humor... XD

From onkei_kun:

Your result for The Heart Test...

Pragmatic Heart

The Pragmatic Heart

Independent, Realistic, Intimate, Explicit

You are the most practical of hearts, the Pragmatic Heart. You very much so value the depth of a relationship, but at the same time you are individualistic, know what you want and don't settle for anything less, and are practical and reasonable. You like to scrutinize another's heart for defects and will only settle for what you deem worthy of your love, and you have much love to give. Only those who will respect your analytical nature will you open your heart to, otherwise you are a closed book.

Matches for the Pragmatic Heart:

The Broken Heart

The Broken Heart is more needy than you, but their Explicit nature will put you two on a level playing field. You will appreciate the Broken Heart's realistic and intimate nature and feel a genuine connection with them. Their need for love may not always be something you can understand, but your intimate nature will help you appreciate this quality.

The Reclusive Heart

Like you, The Reclusive Heart is independent and logical. The Reclusive is also intimate, something you relate to, but is more indulgent. This will be a good quality, as the Reclusive will want to make the relationship work, even when you are too logical for your own good. However, the Reclusive may not be as challenging as other mates, and you certainly like a challenge.

Your exact opposite is The Bleeding Heart.

Avoid Idealists when possible. They may not be able to relate to your practical nature. Dependents may also trouble you, as you value your independence, but such relationships can work if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and try.

Take The Heart Test at HelloQuizzy

Hahaha, pretty true on my result.
Except both of the prospects for the matches don't appeal to me at all. .____.;
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