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[talk] Art memes, SSB Dream

Ah, ep 22. What does this image evoke...? XD Oh Digimon Savers~~

Art memes are crazy, loooong fun~ The last two are a bit older, but I just finished the first one tonight XD~ Still working on a full-out tomato one! It might be the last thing I can do with the scanner until December T_T

Note to self: Cross-spam communities with meme insanity and get moar Digimon 8D

My whole family was playing a reallllly odd SSB game together. The usual characters such as the Mario Brothers, Fire Emblem characters, Kirby, what have you were there. In addition, there was... an Age of the Empires stage, and Final Fantasy Flan was a playable character ._. Hilary Clinton had her own stage .____.; It involved fighting on falling trains over a never-ending cliff on a dark and stormy night. Occasionally, lightning would flash and Clinton's face would cover up the entire background and she'd give a speech. Yeahhh. On better terms, I enjoyed seeing Roy vs Ike on the falling trains. It looked Fire Emblem epic, as expected.

There was a different level-setting option for the characters that changed the number of air jumps you were allowed. For example, Yoshi would be allowed 3 small jumps at level 1-3, 2 regular jumps at 4-6, and his usual air-jump at 7+. I was playing Yoshi at some point in the game and owning everyone, except for that Kirby boss. XD Either Cindy or I was playing Flan at the end, and it made lots of annoying, gooey explosions for its attacks.

For some odd reason, I think this branched off as a result of my dad telling me he bought a PS3 recently, even though SSB wouldn't be on PS3 ._. Unfortunately, this one isn't the one that also plays PS2 games. But he's suggesting I get PS3 games while I'm in China if I can find good deals. And within the selection that'll be available, that'll only be one or two I'll be looking for. xD The upcoming Squenix RPG for the PS3 looks pretty impressive, and has Nojima Kenji and... Ono Daisuke again, haha.

Sigma Harmonics
I said this game scared me, but I've kind of gotten used to it finishing the main storyline. That last battle... I couldn't take it seriously because of the mech. Completely uncalled for. XD Almost as odd as what'sherface turning into a motorcycle at the end of the Utena movie. We need more pretty Agumon phoenixes!! But at least the ending after that was better. I still kind of hesitate to play it at night. XD; The bigger the house, the scarier it is to do stuff in it at night. But I spent some time exploring Square Enix's Japanese site and the site for Sigma Harmonics waaa. Sigma on the piano ♥
I can't wait for its OST~
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