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[talk] (*゚◇゚)人(仝ω仝*) <- can't think of a title so I insert happiness

I stole a chair from the guest room because Lina occasionally takes over my usual computer chair, so I just roll her aside, work on the substitute chair and steal glances at her and give free molestations. Or if I molest her too much, she'll get the idea and move over next to the rug next to my bed. The life of a cat ♥

There's a typo in the foreword in AoC Act III and I don't feel like recreating and reuploading the 250mb PDF file just to fix it. XD At least it's kind of a cute typo and it's in the foreword instead of the actual doujinshi. I was literally going "NOoooooooooo" *shot*

I went off to write tomato fic after reading onkei_kun's lovely-omg-ILU2!!!!!!! review at digi_tomato, but I fell asleep after writing ONE line because I had woken up early this morning to go to the farmer's market. ;;

But I seriously have something going!

It's fun to see the avatar changes over time~ The MMO is coming out soon, and while I doubt I'll be doing much on it, it'd be nice to try out some of the party features with friends :D

I never really imagined this happening, but I picked up editing for Rumbel's Gintama on wamyne's invitation. Ahaha, I just realized you drew the art on the site? So cute XD~ I'm starting from the toilet episode in the Kyuubei arc, 79... good times.

Nojima Hirofumi plays a mad biologist in Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo ep 8. More fun times.

JUNJOU ROMANTICA 2 THIS FALL... BANZAI. Anyway, I'm definitely set for the fall season and Any/Aone might even want to pick up another short series after Yakushiji. Really, it all rests on the translator since his providing of the translations so consistently is what keeps the group going so smoothly. That and the rest of the staff are old fogies of the fansubbing scheme just like me ;;
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