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[talk] Where's the good quality Gintama 120 raw T__T

Really, where is it? T___T kaitenzushi~ I wonder what Fuyou's sushi really tastes like with that oil... xD Maybe finding it on p2p programs is a pain because of all the 120fps raws? D8; No, that shouldn't be such a problem...

I realized I never made a TV rip of Otsuu-chan's Omae no Kaachan Chome Chome Da from ep 75, so waii

I vaguely remember having a dream about my left foot mutating to have 7 irregular toes and my molars falling out. I actually have a lot of dreams where my teeth fall out and it always freaks me out and makes me go brush my teeth like crazy afterwards. Anybody else get those? xD

[nintendo ds]
A slew of awesome RPGs (and upcoming ones still) will be keeping me happy on the DS for the rest of the year~~~ DS saikou, keeps me so distracted~ so bad~ I haven't even played Summon Night 2 yet... XD
Fire Emblem DS
Holllly shit 5-star Hard mode~~~~ The beginning levels until the arena are always insane. Until then, it's like a 10% chance for a character to successfully HIT the boss in each chapter and even then, you're only whacking 4 or so HP off like 40 HP .____.~ Plus, they sit their asses on their thrones which recovers like 8 HP per turn, and they can easily kill your characters in one or two hits when they retaliate. Funnn >_>; I'll eventually get through it D8! CHALLENGE~

Sigma Harmonics
Pseudo-Haruhi combi Ono Daisuke and Hirano Aya in a Square Enix game. XD; And I could tell JunJun was the cloaked guy even with his voice so distorted. Eeee.
Besides the RPG aspect (it's quite crazy how this game is a blend of different game genres), this is the type of game that actually scares me for some reason. XD Besides the whole mansion murder-case flashbacks, once the 2nd chapter starts, you get these reaper/wraith-looking monsters stalking around in a dungeons & dragons type of movement system and I know at my level it'll kill me if I bump into it, scaryyyy T_T When it comes to solving murder mysteries, I definitely prefer the cute and funny from the Gyakuten Saiban series over this. Waaaa kurunaaaa untilIlevelenoughtokickyourass

However, the music is really interesting and gives me a cross of the nice chills I got when I started playing TWEWY and way back for FFX (well yes, same composer as FFX's XD).

Inazuma Eleven
I had been suspecting ever since I heard his ONE quick line in the trailers, but is that NOJI-NII playing the angst sis-con boy Gouenji?! XD I can't find a full cast list and Gouenji has only said like two short lines, so I'm still not completely sure.
It's a REALLY nice game, but I'm not seeing why Famitsu gave this a better rating over TWEWY/Subaseka. The music is nice, but it could use more variety for having to hear it so much, and besides the first couple chapters, there haven't been any of the cut scenes that probably impressed the Famitsu weirdos. I don't feel that the gameplay is as innovative as TWEWY's either since it's mostly a matter of slamming PoT-like moves on the opponent. Maybe they took points off of TWEWY for Neku's emo. :( Whatever, it's just Famitsu and anyone in good sense would criticize them in turn >O
There are rumors of an upcoming Inazuma Eleven anime, but as far as I can tell, people are mixing that up with the fact that the game includes animated cutscenes. It'd make a nice animated series though since the game plays like one. XD Nevermind, it's on the official site now that I've checked. XD
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