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[talk] Love Begins With L

Lina went from sleeping on my suitcase to sleeping on my backpack.~ I don't get it~
I'm saddened that the upcoming artbook for Messiah Paranoia Paradox seems to be by mail order only.

I dreamed I was hanging out with friends. Leanne, Bum, the likes. In a similar aura that we were all going away for a long time soon overseas. A farewell kind of get together. I was still taking violin lessons and had lessons at 5 that day though. I hadn't practiced at all that week and was nervous that my mother would find out.
We went to some convention and went to a random panel where they did a mini Anime Name That Tune with the audience while we were waiting for something else. We sat in the back row. Of course, since the panelist was doing it on the fly, she was requesting the con people to bring their mp3 players to a song for people to guess. Kind of like at Otakon when the panelist didn't show up, heh. There was... also an orchestra the panelist (she) was conducting. ._. She started off the few couple pieces, both of which I knew, but was too lazy to compete with the other people who amazingly were raising their hands at quick pace. They were actual pieces I'd played in Kzoo jr symphony. And then Massenet's Thais Meditation showed up, and I answered with full pride only to have her say it was incorrect. Big wtf. No one else had an answer (and no one seemed to recognize I was correct ._.). I brought out a huge book which had my violin pieces for practice to see if I had the sheet music for the Meditation, although I had a feeling I didn't. Nobody else could guess the piece correctly, so in the end, the panelist gave the answer. It ended up being some oddass title in a language that even she couldn't pronounce correctly, so I was put in quite a bad mood.
I switched books to Zero-Sum and started reading di[e]ce to relieve my mood. Leanne looked with me and we fangirled quietly in the audience, which the panelist saw and scowled at. otaku convention nanoni -.-; At one point, a guest started playing Digimon's Party! and I knew I had my hand up first, being in the back row. The panelist had been sitting to the right end of the row I was in, and even though there were a good 3 or so people between us, she must've seen my hand go up.... right??? But no, she started calling on other people between us that put their hands up afterwards. The first was another asian girl who was a little nervous. She paused for a while before answering like she was trying to remember, but she didn't get it in the end. I thought the panelist would call me next, but she called someone sitting in front of the asian. The typical fat caucasian otaku guy who answered in this huge voice... the incorrect answer of some longass anime title no one really knew existed. XD
She skipped calling me again and called some other random guy who answered half-heartedly. Waaaa Digimon.
Anyway, I knew the panelist had purposely been avoiding me for an answer. I mean, when deciding contestants, it's obvious why one would stop selecting someone if they got an answer correctly, but this wasn't the situation. This panelist was basically out to ruin my honor. :(
I woke up there from the disappointment, apparently. >_>

For better news...
Speaking of di[e]ce,
Lamento manga by Kana Yamamoto (*´Д`)'`ァ'`ァ
But why Razel... xD
I need a di[e]ce icon too... orz
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