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[talk] Lina sleeping in the chair next to me ♥

Note to self: Never EVER EVER come in skin-contact with raw Jalapenos. Dad wanted some in the curry today. Some people feel it burn, but with this sensitive skin, I feel it in FLAMESSSSSS. My allergies had been acting up so I had been blowing my nose with tissue too, which was a bad move... OWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I couldn't do anything but cringe for half an hour during dinnertime because of the pain all over my face. Thank goodness we happen to have yummy icecream bars (the dairy and chill help in wearing it off). T_T

I'll be getting Act III hopefully after a week, and I'm also hoping I got the formatting right this first time~~ And then it should be good to go. It'll be just around $35 for all three including media mail shipping :D

I squeal so much at doing Savers commissions ♥ Laura celebrates by cosplaying Ikuto too xD~

I did a little update on my pictorial doujinshi index. Finally brought them into sub-galleries~ So much tomato............................ I even have extras of a couple because they were part of auctions grouped with ones I was seeking. orz If I get extra time or if someone's particularly interested, I'll see about the other doujinshi, like the HnG and One Piece ones...

I don't expect to have access to a decent scanner when I go to China in mid-September. I guess I could just save all the paper art until December when I come back. I wanted to get back into fic-writing anyway.~ And I should get a new laptop some day, but money... =w=~ It's still on low priority, however. This laptop is still doing fine even after over 4 years. It's just weak and slow. But it's stable. And it has worked hard and can still work. I think I had it named Charizard, but the name doesn't really matter.

I need Messiah icons so badly aksjdfhkjdhfjk
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