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[talk] Doujinshi Printing~~ + Summer work pictures

A wonderful welcome back to Michigan with parents, blueberries, corn, too many chinese/taiwanese snacks, packages, Phelps bringing fame for umich, and LINAAAAAAaa.


But these are just the test prints since it's my first time using them. It'll still be a short while before I go public with them, gomen. I have quite a few things to fix. The paper on the right is my quick QCing. Still, this is definite progress! Staring at the spines and flipping through the pages... there's no experience like it. EXCITING... \o/
Haha, all the fingerprints are visible with the flash glare from the camera. xD I did end up keeping both boys on the front for Act II because the back has a little surprise... just a little revamp... The print is ultra sensitive to all the dirt that comes from the scanning process, which I expected, but still... Ahhhh so much more cleaning to do. Hmmm.

Ridiculous plans - All of these pages have backsides too, and I think I might've lost a few pages. They're all for Act III. So disorganized...

The rest are work pictures. :D
-The workplace - Someone defiled the Jared display.
-Tristan - the culprit Cool guy. On weekends when I'd be put in charge and he'd be there to help out, we didn't have customers for an hour or two, so he played Pokemon Gold on his GBA and I showed him stuff on Pearl. XD;
-Kevin - The main closing manager of the store though he could do the other shifts too. Jolly, fun guy who was a lot like me in mannerisms :D He bought a boat recently.
-Horse carriage - *snerk*
-Meow - Yes, this pair brought a kitten into the restaurant on my last day of work. xDDDD Actually, I was wondering if the girl was pregnant or something when she came in with some odd lump in her stomach, but when I saw this, I realized that lump wasn't the right kind anyway... Hahaha. I stood there for a while folding the paper wraps, watching the girl just playing (molesting) the cat while listening to her mp3 player. The kitten would wander across the table and every time she would try to wander farther off, they'd grab her. There was a group of asian girls eating next to them who had taken notice, but I couldn't hear what they were saying. Eventually the store owner's daughter took notice and had to shoo them out even though she thought the kitten was cute too. Hahaha.

I took pictures of the back areas and such too, but I probably shouldn't post those. XD
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