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[talk] 足伸びたい

I need to watch more Taiwanese dub of Gintama~ The links for the ep 1-2 are down already and I only got to watch the first part T__T Where?~

I started watching Maou J-drama, but Code Blue caught my attention more because of the Yamapi and Aragaki Yui (Yoshino) combination... My brain keeps breaking in interesting ways when I see that for some reason. Mr. Children doing the end theme doesn't help the brain mix. XD;;; A friend of mine said she didn't like this as much as yamapi's other dramas, but I find it's still quite a tearjerker... From the girls though, not from yamapi XD Plus, yamapi's hair in this is distracting. I'm trying... ^^;

I was also recced a rather interesting art pairing meme, so I hope to be able to do it with at least both Matthew/Guy and tomato :D hisashiburi Fire Emblem~~~~ It's because I've been playing Fire Emblem DS too.~ I still miss the hotness of the character designs for the GBA games+ though.

Sloppy dream, sloppy log.
It was probably the last day of school and I had my yearbook. Normally, we'd get more time for signing, but not in this dream. I was rushing around, trying to get memories from those I knew. I remember Katie signing. I had to be somewhere in a jiffy, but I wanted to be with her longer. I ended up departing with quick but optimistic farewells. On the way to my next place, I met the seiyuu for Stellar, Kuwashima Houko, which is odd because I didn't remember what she looks like visually before this dream... and after conflicting whether to get her to sign it or hurry on, I had her sign it. I was nervous that we didn't know each other well enough for her to want to sign, but she said she'd be honored and wanted me to sign hers. I drew Stellar for her to the best of my memory, haha. I was talking to her while drawing her character. We had a nice conversation. We parted as she wished me luck in the future. But in the midst of my rush, I forgot my yearbook. After a short while on my way, I remembered and went back to get it. On the way, my high school computer graphics teacher came to give it back. I contemplated having her sign too, but I was really in a rush, so I decided not to.

I ended up in some apartment on a high level. I was trying to make my way to the opposite side to... a department store in a mall? The apartment was physically connected to a mall. For some reason, going downstairs involved going into other rooms... As I went to the floor I was getting off of, I saw a homeless guy sleeping on the bed. Maneuvering through the hallways, I saw a couple boys playing with the emergency fire hose in the wall. Apparently, someone had left it unlocked. The boys were probably 12 and 10? I went around the corner and found some firefighter/security people carrying around equipment and I told them about the boys. They said I needed to stick around for reports, etc, but they were really nice about it and noted that they were running drills anyway. Something like "Stay put until 6:15pm." and then.... one of the guys patted my shoulder and said, quite out of context... "You'll grow to be a fine woman, I'm sure." And I woke up there from the alarm. Th...Thanks.

Oddly, the toaster went ablaze at work later that day (one of the guys dropped a meatball in it) and we had to put it out with the fire extinguisher (dry chemical type). It wasn't a fire hose, but still... ._.; I wish I could've taken a picture of the blaze~ xDDD
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