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[talk] Digimon Day~

Odaiba Memorial~ I haven't bothered to change the time on my computer, but it's still the 1st in the area I'm in atm.


I'm also going to spam minunxplusleotp's name because I died when I saw what she did to Gaia Kouki's profile XDDDDDDD Scary scary~~

I hope everything in Act I and II of the tomato doujin is correctly formatted. I've purchased personal prints to get shipped back home. :D As long as media mail doesn't utterly fail on me, it should get there not long after I get back. Yay for cheap media mail shipping~~ If they come out okay, I'll start giving out the link for purchase~ The first two acts will be less than $12 each + shipping. Act III's going to be a dozen or so pages above 100 with the R-18 section, but I don't think that'll break the $12 line either. I... STILL have a few pages to draw. I actually do want to risk printing the R-18 section for Act III. It's pretty heavily censored anyway XD;~~~

Slightly off-note, but... *glances at the Trinity Messiah artbook* On the train, I could only risk reading the short novels at the end of the book because just about every other page has ero ^^;;; I still think it's so odd that these artbooks don't have any extra restrictions on them for purchase XD
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