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[random] だらか手をかざそう 夢を描こう

I sat on one side of the two rows of seats facing each other on the bus.
In front of me was a woman likely in her early 30s wearing a beanie hat, glasses and somewhat baggy clothes. Behind the parallel row of seats sat a man, probably near his 40s, like a very typical mid-class worker for the city. The man poked the woman in front of her, then pointed to his wrist when he got her attention. She "replied" by putting up three fingers, closing her palm and putting the three fingers up again, and then again with five fingers. The man repeated the gesture, and she nodded, then he nodded. They smiled shortly, then went to stare off into space.

At the ease of the exchange, I had assumed they were friends, acquiantances or such, but she ended up getting off the next stop without another gesture of acknowledgement, so then I assumed not. Most of the bus was empty after that stop, including all of the other seats on the parallel rows, so the man moved up to my direct opposite.

I started dozing off as the bus took off again, but my stop was coming up in a few minutes, so I forced myself to keep them open. We made eye contact, and the man looked a little surprised. Then without a moment's notice, he casually put his hands together and rested them on his cheek to indicate that I was tired. I shrugged lightly. 'So this guy just likes gesturing.' Well, I did have my headphones on.

Not long after, he pointed directly at me, then to the area below his eyes, implying that I had baggy eyes. I smiled and nodded solemnly. I was already well aware of that.

Then he started doing a little wiggle with his arms, almost a literal ~('.'~) and (~'.')~ ... I wasn't sure what he was trying to say then; I even wondered if he meant I should start dancing or something. XD

I took off my headphones to ask him directly what he was trying to convey to me, but he just showed me the elbow wiggle again. It made me laugh a little, but I smiled and shrugged again to indicate that I didn't get what he was doing. He smiled back anyway. The next bus stop came, which was his stop, and as he got up, he gave me a quick pat on my right shoulder and then gripped my left hand briefly before leaving. My right hand had been in my backpack and was warm, but my left hand was on the cold side when he had gripped it.

It warmed up after that.
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