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And now for quick fangirl spurts.

-adkjfhdkjfhdjkfhkjsdfj Samples of the upcoming Digimon Savers OST although it's coming out in a few days XD~~ I SWEAR MOST OF THESE THEY ONLY PLAYED ONCE IF EVAR IN THE SERIES. 23's Burst Mode is going to blow my minddddd asIcryformoretoplayattheendofthesample. 25 is so freaking cute what?!
< Akaku> They should be on the beach dancing \o/~
^- *dead*
AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Digimon saikou.

-Upcoming Messiah Drama CD waaaa (shikamo vol 1... moar?). Jeebus, novels... but I love the game for Noji-nii as his character. Moar Noji-nii. xD~ The Disc title names... We've got "Between the Sheets" again. xD
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