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[random] Mayo

So at work today, I was re-filling the sauces in the back of the restaurant. The customer at the front asked for mayonnaise on his sandwich, so the girl I was working with went back to take one of the bottles while I re-filled the other. When she went to put it back, the bottle she brought back accidentally tipped over and domino-effect tipped over the one I was in the middle of re-filling. She didn't see that happen because she was off to help the next customer though. A couple tablespoons or so of mayo spilled onto the sheet I was working on.

I finished re-filling the sauces, and before putting the sheet away, I tried eating the spilled mayo in one slip of the tongue. I... guess I survived, but...


Strangely, I get the feeling I could acquire a liking for it if I were to do that every day for a while... it's mostly just egg yolk and oil after all xDDDDD
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