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[talk] Ouchi ni kairitai~

ryuu_rogue for Digimon Adventure 40-43 \o/

So here's that little manga/novel pile to send back :D Got artbooks and doujinshi to add to that @@; So prettyyyyyy

Waaa, the di[e]ce artist doing Togainu no Chi work~

Buy some tomato doujinshi from toshi and tell them Ivy sent you over in the special notes/instructions section~ XDDDD There are others if you search Digimon on his site.

Seems like each Act for the doujinshi will spit out 300mb PDF files. xD I still don't think I can risk printing that R-18 section in Act III.....

A couple nights ago, I dreamed of a world a little like Toshokan Sensou, except that instead of protecting books, I was in a militaristic organization to protect sugary foods. So people were being oppressed from eating sugary foods, like the situation in Chocolate Underground. So... a crossover?

But some person-- I want to say he was Doujou from Toshokan Sensou-- was tagging along with me in the whole military deal, as well as a bunch of other random high school people. I don't remember if I knew them well or not. But at one point, we went to an airport and on our way out, we came across some kind of hijack attack on the parking lot. The hijackers had taken control of a huge vehicle and were planning to crash it and blow it up. A little girl was walking in the open parking lot and didn't notice the huge vehicle coming at her at insane, uncontrolled speed... This was at nighttime too, so I don't know what a little girl was doing by herself like that. Doujou rushed up and brought the girl out of the way, but the vehicle crashed next to us and exploded, separating us from the rest of our military group. Then the group from the vehicle, who had survived, started chasing us, hunting us down. We escaped into some unknown house/motelish place. Then we found someone sleeping in another bedroom, and we ended up waking her up accidentally. We were discussing about the fact that we were in the sugar protection army, and that's when the alarm woke me up. o.O;

I'll go with gamefaqs for my game list from now on. I'm mostly interested in tracking just the RPGs and BL though. Ouendan's an exception~ And... *snickers happily at putting Lamento on the list*

I can't wait for Augustttttttttttttttttttttt
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