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[talk] 別世界へいざなってあげるよ

01. Pick a fictional character that you like
02. Draw him/her in what you wore today

I lie. I drew this not long after repeats did hers and let it sit around for a bit... :X

Formatting progress for the doujinshi is coming along, along with Act III in general. I'm being... quite lazy about the formatting, so there will probably be a lot of white edges on the pages. It'll be bigarse letter size, so that's fine too? XD
I asked nekosalosa if there was anything she'd like to add to the pre/post-word for Act I, so I'm hoping to get the grace of those comments in the print. :)

You know those longass fanart coupling memes or things like that? I want to do one for tomato sometime but I'm lazy to search for one that would work well for it. Anybody want to rec one please? XD

Got the extra ending (「素直じゃないな」ってうわああああ) and I'm pumping up stats for the final time attack and Hanekoma. I also discovered that one of the differences for the US version is that they added a quest item that allows you to bypass the 24-hour daily eating limit. That's NOT in the Japanese version... Although it's just a matter of changing the date on the DS, it's still more work. Normally, I don't bother with extras, but the gameplay and my enjoyment for this game is just that good.~ Definitely the best RPG I've played on the DS. And I still give in to the catchy music and voices~

ヨシュア:ネク君、行くよ~ (ノ゚∀゚)ノ щ(゜д゜щ) ネク:勝手に決めるな!
ヨシュア:流石ネク君~└(⌒◇⌒ )

Retail tax here is 9% compared to 6% in Michigan. :\
I should've brought more long-sleeves and less t-shirts. Especially while I'm here since I NEED to keep the window open most of the day. Conveniently, Gaia is having a clearout sale on everything in their store, so I ordered one of their hooded long-sleeves.

I am (re)discovering the joy of many old-time taiwanese snack and cooking products. Like the cheap-as-heck $1.30 8-piece Taiwanese fruit paste cakes and tsaosaobao. adfkjd bbq pork buns. How long has it been. I remember when they were only 79 cents or so each. Now they're $1.50 here, which is not bad compared to some other prices I've seen for them. And the Uwajimaya ones are the yummeh. Snifffff that warm yolk-coated top... *drool* I didn't see Oil Tea Camellin at Uwajimaya (wasn't really looking by the time I got to explore it), but I managed to get a bottle at Great Wall Mall and I've been very happy that I can make the simple garlic/oil noodles~ Expensive $16 bottle is worth it. orz

Of course, the cheap snacks don't come with much for the health, so I balance it out with the fresh fruits and vegetables. Other dishes I've been making a lot of lately are fried rice, tomatoes/eggs, Chinese Leek/eggs, Chinese Okra/mushroom and Japanese curry. I've tried other vegetable stir fries too, but the Chinese Okra/mushroom combi has tasted the best so far. I want to try my hand more at soups, tofu and fish/meats, but keeping track of things that need immediate refrigeration is a little inconvenient in my position atm, plus the family keeps plenty of meat around anyway. So I've mostly been concentrating on veggies and eggs for cooking. And lots of curry. Curry's one of those things I could eat all 3 meals of the day. For weeks without end probably. Cheap and healthy veggie and chicken goodness. The rice carbs are optional, after all. Ahahaha Masaru and Beat. Curry ftw.

The apartments we're considering moving into have a kitchen shared among the people on the floor, which mostly just irks me because I'd have to watch for when other people want to use the kitchen and it could very likely limit the kind of dishes I could do... And then of course there's the hassle of having to drag around ingredients from the fridge in the room to the kitchen down the hall, and I've yet to see how dishes/pots/cooking tools/everythingggg else works in a "shared kitchen." I work with big pots, pans and bigass knives because I like having leftovers. We don't plan to visit until after serg's finals, so we'll see... It's a studio, which means everything is out in one large room, which is way too small anyway. We need two individual rooms.

My personality type: the individualistic doer

"The individualistic doer is a self-assured and very independent person. He is quiet and realistic, very rational, an extremely matter of fact person. He strongly cultivates his individualism and enjoys applying his abilities to new tasks. But he is also a very spontaneous and impulsive person who likes to follow his sudden inspirations. The individualistic doer is a good and precise observer who registers everything which goes on around him. However, he is not so sensitive as regards interpersonal relations and is surprised when he occasionally rubs someone up the wrong way with his direct and blunt manner. He is not particularly fond of obligations; but if you give him space, he is an uncomplicated, sociable and cheerful individual.

The individualistic doer enjoys challenges - action and the odd kick are simply part of his life. He loves tempting fate and many people of this type have risky hobbies such as skydiving or bungee jumping. This also applies to his workaday life. The individualistic doer is in top form in critical situations; he can grasp situations, make decisions and take the necessary steps extremely quickly. Hierarchies and authorities impress him very little; if a superior is not competent, he will have little respect for him. The individualistic doer likes to take on responsibility. He has a marked sense of reality and always finds the most suitable and expedient solution for a problem. He resolves conflicts openly and directly; here, he sometimes lacks tact but is also very good at taking criticism himself.

As a friend, the individualistic doer is loyal and devoted; he only has a few friendships but many of them last a lifetime. People enjoy talking to him because of his optimistic attitude to life and his ability to listen. However, he prefers to talk about mutual interests and hobbies rather than about theoretical or philosophical issues - they are not tangible enough for him. He needs a lot of freedom and time to himself in love relationships but, at the same time, he is also very tolerant towards his partner. It happens very seldom that an individualistic doer falls head over heals in love. He is far too rational. He prefers to pick his partner on the basis of mutual interests and preferences which he wants to share with that partner. The individualistic doer is not particularly fond of effusive outbursts of emotion. He prefers to prove his love by his actions and expects the same of his partner. Whoever wishes to tie an individualistic doer to himself needs a lot of patience. It takes some time before this personality type is willing to get involved with another person."

I know I've taken one of these before and posted the results, but I forgot what I got and when. Taking the test itself, there were too many times when I had bits of one option and bits of the other. -.-;
This description is pretty accurate for the most part. The last paragraph is scaringly dead on, except for the "not particuarly fond of effusive outbursts of emotion" because I DO like that on quite the occasion. I want a charming storyteller. I don't want a dull robot.
The grammar errors irk me. Heals...
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