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[talk] Self-publishing?

Uh I ended up making a new thing instead of revamping the tegaki-e piece, although I might want to revamp the tegaki-e piece sometime anyway ~

I never thought facebook would be useful for something like this, but I came across a site-ad there for Lulu self-publishing comic books that I'm tempted to use for An Act of Circumstance sometime!! :) The calculated manufacturing cost is only $6.53 for a 100-page book (color covers). Added their shipping costs, Lulu commission and a light doujinshi-ish revenue and the total would be like $15-20 for each act? For 100 pages at self-publishing, I feel like I've found heaven. Jeebus I never thought I'd have a 300-page series .__________.;

The big points for this site are being able to upload (with FTP too!) and publish right here at my computer, and then other people can purchase it online and Lulu's company will manufacture/ship it to you directly. And their commission fee for basic users is only 20% of the creator revenue. What's Deviantart's commission fee for basic users? 90%? I dunno, you get like less than a dollar for a pic of yours they would charge at 10 bucks or something. Well, you're not allowed to set your own prices and they're expensive prices in the first place at devart. lawl.

In the end, my main concern is still about the adult material in Act III... o_o I guess I'll just have to work in white-out censoring... xD I did a search for Adult stuff on the forums to see if there was any feedback from the other users, but they're all for novels instead of graphics.

I'll need lots of time to format every page for their book layout standards. A4 size is all right with everyone, right? I'm thinking of including some new omake in each Act plus some more pre/post text things. Well... I'll have fun with the formatting and fitting in new content, that's all. :D Man, this excites me so much!

Unless there's another service out there that offers a service this convenient with better rates, I'm definitely going to try this sometime. D:! I hear the closest competition is CreateSpace but low-quantity publishing seems definitely easier and cheaper with Lulu, and probably overall quality as well. EXCITING?

Check replies about the other issue: copyrights and the boring US

The menu tomorrow:
Eggs/Chinese Leek
White rice

I need to learn how to make more meat dishes besides steaks someday...
And I forgot to get green onion pancakes ToT
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