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[talk] 混じる混じる

Sign the petition for Berkeley please~ Cuts to Asian language departments are quite sad. Less war and more education plz

The world cries for it...

Lots of pics in this post, under random words. The only creature in the world I allow to invade my personal space this much... And she makes silly positions on the lap too.~

"Moving out" soon... wahh, my book collection and Lina... T_________T;

Mom and I made a whole bunch of these jo tsai huh-dze (or however you spell it) from scratch, which we made filled with rice noodles, eggs, mushroom and Chinese leek (or garlic chives). Each one was pretty massive (that's a watermelon next to them)... we had a dozen or so and the three of us finished them in (less than) two sittings though >_>; So good!! XD Making the dough was troublesome~

I can't tell if I find changes or Aqua Timez's Niji catchier. :D I'm also uploading all of my Aqua Timez music to the domain.

[nintendo ds gaming]
I love how I find my favorite pair in Summon Night games on my first time playing >o>;~ Sol's ending with Touya (spoiler~). I'm thinking of not waiting for the DS port of the 2nd one and emulating it on the Playstation since the PS version has voices which they took out for the DS version. Although the DS version made some small improvements to the gameplay here and there, it's not much of a difference in the end, so...~ (and then I could shamefully use save/load states mm mm very helpful for peeking into conversations with the other characters >w< ~~~)

I started playing The World Ends With You, but I think I'm going to continue it on the Japanese version if I do keep playing it after all. XD; Yeah, I went for the Japanese version. Soul Eater nahahaha.

Apparently, Final Fantasy IV (J) doesn't work on my R4, and I'm wondering if it works on CycloDS/other flashcarts etc. From what I've read, the Japanese version is full of bugs anyway, but compared to FFIII's remake, it has a LOT more work put into it (and VOICES and I'm somewhat addicted to voiced dialogue in RPGs mrgh), so I really wanted to try it out.

I think I have one more final boss to beat on the extra stages on Soma Bringer, which has been pretty cool because the extra bosses are just insanely loaded in HP, so they actually take time to beat. .____.; Still not as mentally scarring to me as the Black Rabite in SD3 back in my younger days (which I still have never beat XD), but it's still pretty interesting.

Still slacking on Tales of Innocence. Leveling is kind of fun on it but mostly troublesome. xD I did particularly enjoy this moment of Sparda endowing his "I'm the reincarnation of yer sword so lemmie skinshipppp" poweress to the lead hero.

Oh yeah, and it's not an RPG, but I did go through some of Lux Pain since the trailers and art had interested me (and voices~~~ Miyano~), and I'm wondering about the freaky developments that they foreshadow. Right now, it just feels like a gakuen renai game with fear-factor elements mixed in since it involves undercover investigating the school where a suicide occurred. .__.;

Shoutouts and random blab on stuff that has been leaving impressions~
Ghost Hound - Finishing this up soon. Ep 19: I just have to say Makoto looks so much hotter with his hair not pulled back wahhhhhhhhhh D8;
Gintama - Itou arc was so awesome T___T! I really can't wait for the soccer ep too. xD I was randomly thinking about what kind of sports I'd enjoy watching in real life today and realized that american football would probably bore me as much as golf. I still don't see why it's so popular. >_> If I want to see men bashing into each other, I'd rather go for something like... boxing... :DDDDDDDDDD;;; Blooooooooood. (Extending shoutout to One-Pound Gospel J-Drama~)
Junjou Romantica - On animated BL standards, I have to say this has been my favorite so far. Moar!

Lazy Photoshopping Act III is proceeding gradually \o/ I still have to draw the ending though... ahaha.
After this, I still want to draw doujin-like things here and there, but I definitely want to get back into fic-writing. D8
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