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[talk] Spring anime 2008

Quick notes~

Amatsuki - It's more Zero Sum and Studio Deen~ Totally unrelated to my impressions of the series itself, but I couldn't help but get Princess Princess nostalgia with JunJun and Paku Romi/Studio Deen.
Chii's Sweet Home - moarrrr
Code Geass R2 - eh. A lot of people are complaining about the pace change, but I personally like it more this way because the first season was rather boring at various times. Mostly because I don't like the characters, so I don't care about all that fluff. .___.; MOAR DEATH NOTE STYLE BATTOLZ
KKM 3rd season - I tend to marathon it. So long o_O;;;;
kurenai - Story seems kind of interesting... If I get more time, I'll watch some more :x
Golgo 13 - Hahahaaaaaa. Amusing series. Gotta love how he makes time to have fun with a prostitute before he goes off assassinating.
Itazura na Kiss - Watch later? I could use some innocent shoujo sometime...
Junjou Romantica - Eeeeyaaa the first 10 minutes XD~~~ It's been a long time, so I really appreciated that... quicky man-on-man smut. Yes. I'm happy for this.
Macross F - eheheh fem nakamura
Monochrome Factor - o.O; I'll withhold comments for now, haha.
Nabari no Ou - Glad for this~ Such nice animation~
Neo Angelique Abyss - For the eye candy and some seiyuu-ness.
Special A - For the seiyuu~
Soul Eater - BONES, you are crazy to do this for 51 episodes. ... ♥ Eee Yamatoya Akatsuki script~ Igarashi Takuya pulled some Ouran-ness with this too. The only real problem I had with this is... I can give Maka's seiyuu the benefit of the doubt for the first episode, but it better shape up QUICKLY or it'll QUICKLY ruin the experience. I dunno, I can really go for that kind of voice sometimes, but this just stuck out in a rather unpleasant way to me. Well, it's not like I had huge expectations on any series lately, so I can just go with it, really.
I'm enjoying this for the l33t battles, because they are quite l33t. Being BONES's anniversary project and all.
Did I mention that I like TMR's op for this? Yeah. :)
Toshokan Sensou - like picaaa mentioned, found it interesting that the main girl is taller than the male. XD; I'll try it for a few more eps and see where things go.
Tower of Druaga ~the Aegis of Uruk~ - GONZO has been doing exceedingly not well lately, more than usual .___.; But the seiyuu cast interests me slightly. Kouki using boku~
Vampire Knight - the other Studio Deen... also for the cast~~
XXXHOLiC Kei - Yay I might actually watch this one through since it's starting with clamp's eye-obsessions. heh.

Some other stuff that I peeked at but won't be keeping-- Yet another season quite biased on the seiyuu for me~ XDDD;
Allison & Lillia, BLASSREITER, BUS GAMER, Real Drive

Eee pinball is great on Gaia. My current high score. I wish beating down VonHelson gave more than what I think was just 100k points.
And I'm very glad I got things like Longcat, Alruna's Rose, and Biancamella back when they were 35k. The market movement~ XD Now if only the real stock exchange could be so easy to read.
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