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[meme] One For You

*edit 4/3* Hotmail/MSN Live Messenger's been extremely homophobic to me these days, so I'll probably make the further move to change my main contact email to my forwarding ones at pmsinfirm.org, which go into my gmail (using it since it also has a tray notifier). But with this, I'll become a lot less available on Live Messenger. I set up another Live Messenger ID, but there wouldn't be a point in me keeping Messenger up all the time when I don't use its email notification. And setting up all the contacts is going to be a pain. I'll need to put mirrim and aarinfantasy's back up at least. But I like talking to yukitsukihana... D: Eh we'll see.


*edit 4/9* Finally got it back. D8;;; Had to harrass the support team a bit but they finally let me back in ^^; */edit*

I'm not going to pull any April Fool's, but it was cool to see Devart's mudkips and some of the other ones.~

digi_tomato for Masaru Birthday stuff~~~

From googuru_girl~ For f-list people:
Comment on this entry and I'll~
» tell you why I friended you.
» associate you with something - fandom, song, color, photo, word etc.
» tell you something I like about you.
» tell you a memory I have of you.
» ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
» tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
In return, you must post this in your LJ.
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