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Manleh Juliet~~~ Romeo's pretty hot here, but Juliet doesn't have any chest XDDD

On the other end, temporary makeover for Masaru... I'm glad there's a better set of eyes for him now. Hair next please!

Finished the last case of Apollo Justice. Phoenix's Matrixy Mason System was fun...ky.~ I'll see if Soma Bringer is as Secret of Mana good as people say it is :D

...Soccer RPG with Takeuchi Junko... and is that Noji-nii I hear!?!??!

Finally moved Got Taito? and the Frontier site to my domain... although I'm still kind of out of time to make any actual updates. :'O It did pull out some nice memories such as my cRO gallery at least. Nice memoir and laughs.~

Will be in Chicago for the weekend with the Oysy Japanese restaurant chain owner again.

...Is another paragraph that starts with skipping the subject. I'll change my layout back later. Was fun seeing ya solo, Tohma. 8D

Other than that, I'll be extremely busy for the rest of the semester in my last spurt of classes (ugh ELI390/EDUC390/LING384 takes so much time), working at Mrs. Fields, TL commissions, lots of Adventure subbing goodness for ryuu_rogue, tomato goodness, and um... yes 就職活動. Definitely a ton of the latter. ....AHhhhhhhhhh.
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