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[talk] Brrrr, Digimon Championship

I made a post to precure, but essentially I'm still looking for raws of 1-4 and 9-21 of Yes! Pretty Cure 5, if anyone can help :D yays swapping goodness

Finished the 3rd case on Apollo Justice, so only one more left on that. D: The Phoenix series has been more entertaining and funnier so far though, but we'll see what the 4th case does... I miss Edgey~~~

Digimon Championship (JP)
So the capturing (hunting) concept isn't as cute as say... Pokemon Ranger's capturing concept. In Pokemon Ranger, you only need to make circles around the target and you can use your ally Pokemon to add other effects to make capturing easier. There's something odd with rope-dragging, gun-shooting, wire-zapping, paralyze-caging, food-poisoning and bombing Digimon in order to capture them, but in another aspect, it's not much different than what Pokemon do to each other in battles. D8
Still, if this game doesn't come to the US, I'd bet this would be why. Unless they change bombs into various fruits and melons like oranges and cantaloupes and manage to do something about the displays of gun bullets in various sets and sizes...

I had the impression that you could do something besides watch during the Digimon battles, but well... you can't. xD It's all automatic. But that's okay. It reminds me of the cute screensavers of things running around doing things... that I used to spend too much staring at when I was young.

I wish there was an option to slow down the pacing because with only about 7 minutes per "day" I can't take things slowly. It's okay sometimes and not so much at others.

But again my biggest beef with it, like the Story games, is the lack of Digimon you can have at one time. I have 192G at the moment, and each Ultimate level takes up 24G. Right now I have 9 Digimon at various levels, but if I were to get another one, I'd start to lose room and that prevents everyone from evolving to higher levels >_>; Also because of the limit, I have to release/sell off Digimon constantly so I can get others to fill up the index. I've been keeping the ones who have gone back to being a Digiegg the most.

It's in combination with how much they EAT AND POOP every day, grahh. Each one needs to eat and poop twice a day, and I can only carry 99 pieces of meat at a time, so I have to keep going back to the store to re-supply >___>; It's still a really really fun game in the end though. Randomly, I like I seeing the DATS logo imprinted on some of the arenas.

One of the Title Matches is a 1-on-1 against BantyoLeomon. I won it with SaberLeomon... XDDDD;;;; Waaa, I want Bantyo~ ♥
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