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[talk] Workwork

Wondering if it'd look better with some texture overlay on the clothes.

Finally a new Devart ID too ^^;

Maybe I should make one for Tohma too.~ More CG warmup before I actually get to the cover for Act III. @_@

Speaking of which, Act III has 70+ pages drawn, but I've only started Photoshopping them. I made it a personal goal to finish before the end of the semester, but more likely I can see it coming around during the summer.

Anybody know people working at Gamestop? I have friends recommending me to try out for a position there, so I'm hunting for more Gamestop pals~. I'd seriously love an opportunity for it.

In the meanwhile, more cookiegalore-and-smoothie-selling I go. Mmm dreams of retail career~~ o/
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