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[download] Digimon Savers Lineart Set 02

More reference goodness!
Digimon Savers lineart, mostly stuff from the first 12 episodes again, with heavier focuses on DATS materials + episode 4, 7, 8 and 10. :D~

"Didn't I tell you not to do things on your own accord?!"
Uwa, onee-san...
Well, there are still a lot more to go, but this is definitely more interesting than the first set.

ZIP file
Individual files

-Various copies of sketches were included. The copy quality was pretty nasty in places, and I didn't bother trying to clean most of it, but it's enough to see some funky previous DATS outfit designs and some other amusing tidbits. ^^;
-Haha, so those rooms at Tohma's mansion were connected...
-digistardbz... xD
-PawnChessmon's FACE. lol.

~17mb. 93 images in PNG format.
NO DIRECT LINKING OR REUPLOADING!! Send people to this webpage instead.

I'm still hunting for other sets within my poor lack-of-donation&moneyz wallet range >_>. All of my commission payments go into these things. So many gaps wry~

Set 01

Comment if you download please! Would love to hear your opinions too XD
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