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[talk] Desire to stay close~

http://community.livejournal.com/digimon/360764.html <- Input on Digimon fandom wiki; gogo

One of my aunts from California is visiting. We had a somewhat nostalgic hot pot dinner with the parents' friends, making it a rather slow night... although I got to browse through a ton of Youtube videos and watch some Gintama (my first time seeing the subs... ^^; yatta) with the host's son, who's a sophomore at umich. He quite enjoyed it. After a few eps, he went to mess with his younger brother and the other kids, so I checked out random Gintama AMVs, mostly MAD's. The one done to Digimon's Butter-Fly amused me along with brave heart and oho, they even used Utada Hikaru's Beautiful World (I've been tempted to make a tomato AMV with it for a while... D:) For interest, Menclave's ThePaper translated it. XD

Mm, Act III of the tomato doujinshi is getting pretty long even without the R-18 scene.
And the R-18 scene is... is...
a~raaa..... so embarrassing

Oh my, new year's eve. :o LIVE IT UP~
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