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[talk] お前はその度に何かを殺す

LJ's private messaging system is troublesome because I just end up getting notifications through email to check my LJ inbox. So then what's the point? Just email me, please. It's not hard to find my address/es. >___>;

Hoh. I finished exams \o/

I finished Christmas pics for people I'm sending Christmas cards to... But I need to swipe envelopes and cards when I go home Thursday, and then I shall go through my ridiculous sticker collection and spam you all with them. Just a few people this year... so busy~ ^^;
onkei_kun, picaaa, n4ncy, furoraken

Oh, but I'll have something for everyone on Christmas pwning your s-jumps... well, more like trying to get the last copy in the store

Here's the current Syllabus for HISTART 392 - Anime to Zen: Japanese Art through Contemporary Popular Culture. The instructor said he'd finalize it by the new year.
Reminder to self: Bring back Princess Mononoke DVD. Haa, Miyazaki again.
I reallllly don't like having so many small readings for every class though. I've done much better for classes where the readings were all in one place. I'll never stay organized enough to do all of these. =o= I'm sure I'll end up skimming. Now that I think of it, I didn't really do ANY of the readings for my classes this semester... except Japanese, obviously.
Mahahahaha, Genshiken...

-♥ Tomato goodness ♥
-Your friendship
-I like milk chocolate and don't mind GaiaOnline gifts if you insist on using money. XD

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