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[talk][meme] Some time off

Gaia's Tohma H Norstein is evolving~~~~ xD Ee, I really hope the developing MMORPG makes use of the collectibles available like Wild Things so he can romp around pwning with "Gaogamon." XD

Quick fail test draw on my Nintendo DS... been dorking out some more and messing a little with homebrew like DS Organizer... I want to try out the browser and IRC function sometime... I just need to get to open wireless~. And I can't finely coordinate on the touchscreen; everything comes up like a millimeter off from where I'm putting down the stylus and it's annoying.~ Even so, it's nice for the on-the-go.
So are there any drawing applications on the DS with layers or other things more suitable for oekaki? XD~ This scribbler has almost no functions.

This one from onkei_kun. Quick and ...quick. This first one's a harsh one to start off with o_o~;
1. Seeing human skin getting punctured by needles, cut, etc. The smaller things like papercuts and especially between finger ligaments. ESPECIALLY on hands. I'm generally okay seeing it for other living beings for some reason ._.;u
2. Eternal suffering. Like Adam at the end of Heroes season 2? Holy shit I'd be scared
3. Falling, and roller coasters of the type (although the Jurassic Park one was kind of okay; I think the water reassured me)
4. My parents when they scream. Memories of those are sketched horridly, deeply in my mind. I hope to never have to scream like them.
5. Bees/wasps
6. Getting lost
7. ... that's enough. Weaknesses are bluh.

Dorm room?
1. Computer supplies
2. Blank paper to draw on
3. Doujin pile
4. Fic pile
5. Food
6. Earplugs
7. Hand sanitizer

1. I never wear jeans.
2. I don't miss violin/piano lessons, but I definitely miss orchestra practices. ToT~
3. I can't remember a day in the past year when I haven't used Google.
4. I LOVE HAVING MY HAIR PLAYED WITH as long as people aren't tangling it on purpose and such. It's the head massaging part. Contrasting with onkei_kun, getting my hair pulled doesn't hurt for me at all. It's annoying if done excessively of course, but otherwise it's actually kind of a comforting feeling. I dunno, I remember people freaking out when they saw how viciously my mom brushes my hair. Am I stressful much? Maybe. ._.;
5. I'm still waiting for that big break. (being vague)
6. At home, there's a tube of silicon lube sitting right on my bigger dress drawer that I brought back from that woman's studies class last winter. I don't know if my parents have noticed. The people at the Safe Sex Store say that people use it as a regular moisturizer, but it's slippery... .____.;
7. (happened over the weekend) This isn't about me, but GAHHHh the damn Sushi.come sea urchin roll still takes like a rotting ocean in my mouth and it's been a couple hours, and I've tried to wash out the taste with a bunch of other things... guwEHHHh never ever again. How come the Chicago sea urchin was so good and this one was so not?! Salmon's still the only good thing that's come out of Sushi.come still >___> Okay, wasted enough space for this one!

1. Soak long and well in a hotspring
2. Have a kickass karaoke session with the best friends and the best songs.
3. Organize my stuff. XDDDD
4. Finish certain personal projects
5. *something private that will be known to the relevant person in due time*
6. Try that one sashimi buffet again or something like it. Never had so much salmon all at once~~
7. Participate in a major animation project of some sort (or SOMETHING that uses my otakudom)

1. I know I can eat a lot when the time comes. I finished a massive full rack of barbecue ribs with two sides and bread at Mountain Jacks one time...
2. Run really quickly on all fours. Haven't thought about that one or had an opportunity to do it in a while though. waaa running around freedomz :D
3. With some practice/warmup, spider dribble with the basketball. Err.. hit with each hand at front then bring your hands behind you and hit with each one, repeat
4. Again with practice/warmup, bench my full weight in weightlifting.
5. Be random
6. Put up with a lot without complaining
7. Time/scene-time 400-500 lines within 2 hours o> eh can't think of anything.

1. Whistle
2. Certain weightlifting exercises that put pressure on my right ankle.
3. Long division XDDD Numbers ahhh.
4. I get huge stomach-aches around cigarette smoke and the like. And am generally really sensitive about it.
5. Ride a unicycle-- Actually I don't think I've ever tried~
6. Tie my hair all in one braid. Well, my mom can't do it well either. It's my hair.
7. Keep my hands still when I'm not sleeping/trying to sleep.

1. Eh?
2. Sure.
3. Yeah...
4. Okay.
5. 私何やってんの
6. あれ?
7. はあ...
...I DON'T TALK MUCH except the usual customer service dialogue at work and Japanese class these days. :O

I do question the definition of "celebrity" but whatever
1. Nojima Hirofumi - asdfkhdf
But... no one, really. o_o;;; I don't crush?? Well, haven't been swept off my feet with no point of return so far at least. I play hard to get >O
Well, that's at my rudest at least. I just have a lot of insecurities.
For most people, I'd want to kick back and observe more than I'd want to... do things to XDDDD Gahhh. it's all bad of me anyway~~ *runs*

Review your year by posting the first sentence or phrase of each non-meme journal entry from each month in 2007:
January: Mmmmmmm the water inside steam dumplings.
February: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ GRAND DESIRE TO PIMP digi_tomato ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
March: I got the most horrible craving to play an RPG on the GBA this week.
April: I'm going to be like... dead from the 2nd-11th, give or take a few days, so I'll put this up now~~
May: Haha Pokemon natures.
June: Happy birthday, woquinoncoin!
July: Material spam post.
August: o_o Deviantart... Where do all you users pop out of?!?!?
September: ryuu_rogue for Digimon Savers DVD softsubs goodness, kyaaa :D
October: Hoping to finish Act II in a couple weeks, aka a certain date~
November: One day at Youmacon? XD
December: This one's to you, J.C.Staff. XD
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