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[talk] Megane Noji-nii

This one's to you, J.C.Staff. XD

Finally catching up with Shakugan no Shana II. It's so hard to tell that there's still a storyline when so much MOE is going on. I'm surprised I can take it all. XD;;;
But ep 7......... Just like Tohma's ep 7, this time with MEGANE and even more hetare. AHIIIiiii oh I couldn't stop the giggles from spilling out. *dead 50 times over* Noji-nii ♥


Is winamp supposed to have problems with playlists over 10,000 songs? Mine's having problems and cutting off after 5,836 after I reboot sometimes, and then I have to waste time rebuilding my playlist from an older, backup playlist save. x_x;;; I really would rather not switch players since this one takes the least cpu/ram from what I've used.

And I need to buy a new set of earbuds again. The left side is 98% dead on my current set :x
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