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[talk] Youmacon 2007 in a meme

From onkei_kun:
The rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 10 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in a while.

1. One day at Youmacon? XD
Well, not many people at the fansubbing panel probably because a ton of people were still REGISTERING at 7pm... Yeah, big failures on the registration process this year. Go whack around the management please, nikolai XD

petshopmistress and I both got to be contestants for Anime Name That Tune, but we both got overpowered by 1 point on the semi-finals. xD The person I was up against in the finals for last year's tournament made it to the contestants this time too. He was nice.

The point I lost was a Kodocha song...!! It's just been too long so I didn't think of the title on time before my opponent. ToT; And I lost confidence on a previous song that could've made it a tie to bring us to funfun sudden death.

But I got to point out Zombie Loan and Gintama songs, so happy!!!! :D~~~~~ I doubt anybody else in the room knew those anyway, and I answered them within the first second, so people didn't get to hear much of them nyo~. =o=; Giniro no Sora ftw ♥

I was surprised the ending for Shakugan no Shana II, triangle, was on there too. The single had only come out like a week ago. I was probably the only one who knew that one too. supar new ftw.

And the prizes were even crappier than last year's. None for the semi-finalists even. They need more prizes. ^^; I wish they played more newer songs. Or any Digimon songs. Where were the Digimon songs. ToT

Didn't buy anything in the dealer's room. Lack of pencil boards and doujin, although there was a Gintama pencil board that tempted me. rensu and I tag-teamed on Pokemon Battle Tower while we were waiting for Leanne to get her registration. That was fun!!!! Love it. :D

-One of rensu's friends who came to hang out with us for a bit after the con. Was special fufufu :D

2. digi_tomato keep the fics rolling in asdfhdkjhdskjfhsjkdhfsdkjhfsdkjhf!
3. Finding some gift box randomly at GaiaOnline and selling it for 60k. And this tonma.
4. Getting an A on the midterm for Ling 315. Going for the same on the final, aka the other 50% of the scary full grade. ganbarimasu!!!
5. I tried to go on Rai's route on Lamento a couple days ago and somehow it ended up on Asato's still. Aiya, Asato........ ♥
6. F-list nakama. *HUG*
7. Chinese buffet with Taiwanese goodness |O~~~~ Was too expensive imo, but worth trying once.
8. ryuu_rogue
9. Gratitude to my fan for keeping my laptop and external cooler. XD; + My laptop and externals themselves (going to try reformatting the 200gb one to see if it'll go back to normal after that). I obviously can't think of much else at this point. XD
10. Shining Tears X Wind 1-9 DVD up at orz. Couple more DVDs to go. I'm very tempted to get T2's Collection Of Visual Materials for Shining Wind too, if I can still find a place to get it without paying a ridiculous double for shipping? ^^;;~

Tagging: hanjie, furoraken, curyuu, kae_rhio, dragon_punk, picaaa, drug_holic, n4ncy, seraphimon_0000, fmagna, and ANYONE ELSE. :o
Tags: meme, music, series - gintama, series - pokemon, youmacon
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