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[talk] Quick and Simple Fandom

Times are getting busy, so I'm going to try the bulletpoint thing for a bit.

Things to mention:
♥Tomato doujinshi An Act of Circumstance Act II.
♥In fact, everything at digi_tomato BANZAI ♥♥♥♥♥
♥Eee the tomato lives well in the Digimon Savers dub yay XD~~
Gintama Season2 05 DVD covers WOW...
-The manager who did the most work at Mrs. Fields suddenly went away to Philadelphia. I'll miss him. He was GOOD at the job. Sad. :( Hope it doesn't affect work too much.
-Nyoro~n's fansubs are not to be taken seriously. But loltheyshouldsubmorepointlesslypopularshowstoproliferateignorantmainstreamfans. No, actually, I could do with a lot less of that even though it's amusing once in a while.
-Japan, you've taken enough of my money already. Stop being greedy.
♥But hey if they really want more of my money, RELEASE DIGIMON SAVERS OST II AND DIGIMON SAVERS LINEART BOOKS... 8O
Tags: otp - tomato, series - digimon savers, series - gintama
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