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[talk] Sushi + Gintama 2008 calendar

Meal I had last weekend in downtown Chicago:

Damn, doesn't look nearly as good from cellphone pics. Especially can't see the sashimi plate well. XDDD
It's been a long time since I've had such good sashimi.
Fatty tuna, white tuna, and all other luxuries included. So many different colored eggs~
Oysy's owner treated us, but mom was insistent and ended up leaving the waitresses a $40 tip even though we were only there for like 20 minutes (had to be back on the bus soon)... Good going, mom ._.;;

^- was about a $40 meal, btw. My parents and the owner all ate although I probably ate the most ^^; Eons better than the mediocre $30+ steak I had at some noisy Redfish place later. My parents' company paid for that one at least.

Gintama calendar is the only one I plan to get for 2008.~

Lol, I still don't know how the binding on these kinds of calendars work (I think Sunrise uses these on all of theirs). How do I hang it up past the cover page? XD
Scary Shinsengumi

Keeping an eye on their fun DS game site~
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