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[talk] Wee anime stocks, SPREADING THE LJ COMMUNITY LOVE...

I made a Lilamon icon why :DDD With variations! I should make MachGaogamon and RiseGreymon ones to go with it.

Mm, Tomato dates. ^^~

Does anybody know where I can get a graph visually representing the rising anime/manga-related stock trends on Japan's stock market after Abe's resignation? D: Or I'll probably just make one myself with the numbers on ANN.
We're doing graph presentations in Business Japanese this week, so I'm thinking of doing mine on this bit of news. XD Bottom line is... I just need an interesting graph to talk about and "share my thoughts."
Hey, it's news. XD

The profile page for ryuu_rogue is utterly hot and sexy thanks to onkei_kun's touch of love.~ HOT, HOT, HOT. The graphics!!! THE GRAPHICS~~~ lul monster shows
COME GET DIGIMON SAVERS DVD 1-20~~~ Timing/typesetting/QCing it is giving my ears/eyes so much NICE pleasure. |O~ This cast...

I need to post something in digi_tomato too!!! Eventually...!

You know, I think I get more salmon sashimi in $13 for 4 salmon rolls at Sushi.come than I would for a $13 slab of salmon sashimi at Tsai grocery. Plus I get all that rice & seaweed rolley goodness. I'm not much for anything else at Sushi.come, but the amount of salmon sashimi they stuff into these is the one thing I absolutely love about them. And those 4 rolls make VERY SATISFACTORY lunch and dinner :D BIG WIN HAPPY!
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