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[talk] Slight Transitions

The school year hasn't even started yet and I feel like my brain has puttered and run out of decent things to conjure up and is tumbling into the world of faillllllll. Or maybe it's just because tuition/housing is due so soon.

[digimon savers]

The two random 5-minute challenges I put up on my dorm door this year. Sorry, Gaomon... So sloppy, and I want to do something better... but it takes more time to put them up on my door than to draw them! ._.

KaiserDragon chugged up a nice effect for Ryuusei :D The Hirari one is simple, but it'll work for now~ Kiiii

Spamming ryuu_rogue for Digimon Savers DVD softsubs again~

My personalDNA Report - masculinity dominates me again...

[onmyou taisenki]
Kimi to Nara has to move again... D: It will finally be completely on my domain, so this should hopefully be the last move. At least the main part of the site and the oekaki haven't been affected.~
Tags: series - onmyou taisenki, webhost
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