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[talk] batsubatsu art

Something I drew in 1999, apparently. Here's another one.

... *drew a lot of randomness in the past* Actually, most of the characters in the fowl pic are part of one of the many... worlds I created when I was young. I still remember most of their roles, interactions and personalities. They were all part of a clan headed by the long-necked dragon on the left. The viper with legs to his right was his pet, the pterodactyl was the messenger, the dinosaur thing with antannae were soldiers. The wolves/saber-tooth wolf were an enemy clan that eventually allied with the dragon and became close friends. I think... one of the flamingos used to be a wolf who was especially close with the dragon clan leader... and then somehow turned into a flamingo who could turn into any type of bird. Basically, he became my excuse to draw birds. ...yep. Such good times.

I've been going through my drawers to clean out stuff, which means I go through a lot of things in the good 'ol time capsule of incomplete projects from middle/high school. Most of it's just too embarrassing. But here are samples for the funny value.

1 | 2 | 3
A Digimon Tamers Jen x Takato around the early 30s episodes when Takato, Jenrya and Terriermon became separated from the others and ended up in that underwater cave. Terriermon whips up a Guilmon costume from ??? so Jenrya can comfort Takato. I think eventually the concept just ended up too gag for me to handle seriously, so I stopped when I finally realized that. Rofl.

1 | 2
A Pokemon Shigeru x Satoshi (Gary x Ash) where Ash becomes an angel or something. I forgot most of the story, since it was another person's fic that I kind of wanted to doujin at the time, but it was a very short-lived project. ._.

1 | 2
Good 'ol TSS ^^; *runs*

<- nanka wakuwaku shichau... nrrgh, I'm still adjusting the early pages of Act II. xDDD

I had to recycle a huge mountain of printed fanfics. ToT I kept and still keep just about anything I draw though. The only things I can't really find or have probably thrown away are some of my earliest drawings of people and some other childhood projects that I wish I still had. I think if I piled all the paper of my art next to whatever fics I have left, the art pile will finally be taller. I had a really scary pile of Taito fics. But the art pile now is quite a sight...
I'll also have stuff to sell eventually since I really need to cut down on my stuff. I'd seriously love to be involved in managing an anime-themed business some time in the future. It's been a dream job of mine for quite a while. But I lack uh... interested people to work with/connections and money. Lots of it. D: I'd be so happy if I ever had the opportunity.


So petshopmistress and I went to the first weekend of our seminar to get TEFL certification. There are only 7 people in the class including us, so there's not much room to play passive observer in the 9-hour day. We all have to give input pretty often. I don't mind the times when we get to discuss in groups about our experiences and interpretation of the readings, but sometimes he just makes us pretty much restate/perhaps reword the stuff listed right in the book. I'm more of a type who learns most efficiently when the instructor spends more time with straightforward lecturing and explaining with examples rather than getting asked to put concepts in my own words when I haven't fully understood the concept yet. It gives my brain mixed messages in places that don't need them. I'm fine with having to come up with my own interpretations for concepts, but not until I've been satisfied with hearing other viewpoints first. Otherwise, it involves having to make assumptions, another thing I'd rather limit myself doing when I know there's more to learn.
Yeah... I keep thinking back to the linguistics/art history class I had last winter semester. That was probably my personal ideal way of learning. I certainly wouldn't mind teaching in other ways to adjust to my students, but when I myself am learning... Duanmu's way is most effective for me!!! I don't have much trouble understanding whatever is out there, so feed that to me without hesitation unless I have questions. Afterwards, let me reflect for myself and we can continue from there!

Anyway, more about our instructor... it's pretty interesting how much he likes to tie music into things. He would play really random music while we were discussing in small groups, usually classical or random backdrop stuff that could be mistaken for game music. Most of his anecdotes involve music appreciation or his experiences from teaching in Japan (yay!). And then the video clips we had discussions on were from Mr. Holland's Opus. Makes me want to rewatch it. I haven't seen it since it first came out. *searches house* I kind of want to inquire about his music background.

Our first mini-presentation was an ice-breaker, and our upcoming/next mini-presentation is a grammar lesson.

Also, Leanne wanted me to post the fortunes we got at the Chinese buffet last Friday. She also notes that they should be read in this order:
Hers: If you don't enjoy what you have, how could you be happier with more?
Mine: One must dare to be himself, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.

Nurrrrr... dot dot dot. xD

onkei_kun, your lesson plans? xD~~~

Btw, petshopmistress also has extra paid LJ time she's looking to pass on to someone who wants it!! Check her journal +O+ yahaha, advertising works :)
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