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[talk] Media shares

Leanne and I went to visit ladymercurious5 one last time before she studies abroad in Korea for a year. Waaaaaa I'll miss you!

Random impulse for some oekaki lines tonight. I will... start posting the 2nd act of the tomato doujinshi once I somehow get some self-confidence about the beginning pages x_x; Maa... story, story.


I got stuff on that Aug 2. D:

♥Going through Hosoda Mamoru's Digimon Adventure Picture Content book excites me eons beyond Harry Potter ever did (no offense, HP fans)~ Thank you so much for the book notice, onkei_kun~ Publishers, publish more books for Digimon please...! Savers lineart please ToT~~~
Digimon Savers DVD cover scans. They should've offset Tohma from the center a little on the volume 15 DVD disc... the hole is right through his poor abdomen XD
Digimon 10th Anniversary -Yume e no Kakehashi- CD
♥Ahhhhhhhh Tony's Shining Tears X Wind DVD art is so pretty D:~~~~~ The quality of the episodes in the DVD itself isn't much better than the TV rips. o_o; To compensate for that slight "letdown," (but hey sweet, the eps only take an hour each to encode, so it's not really a letdown) every ep comes with a commentary track with the seiyuu. There is much Hoshi-ness. Mao and Traihard's seiyuu are the other two guests, although their roles appear only in the first of these 3 eps, poor guys.
I was thinking of archiving both raw and commentary avis, but why bother when you can stick both audio tracks on an mkv, then tack on shifted/re-edited Kyuuketsuki subs to save tons of diskspace and hassle? :D Right now I'm just doing this for personal archiving, but if friends are interested in getting this, I plan to upload them eventually. *Eyes useful access levels @ orz*
I got the impression that Vlad didn't want to go for softsubs when I asked him why they hardsubbed Busou Renkin DVD, so I'm not going public with these...
Anyway, I'm kind of wondering if I should stick to the previous Kyuu names or the ones listed on the Shining Wind game site. The only one that makes me really blink is Traihard (website) vs Trihart (Kyuu). Even so, I'd like to use the official names just so I can stop being confused about them. So unless there's some huge opposition for not using them... XD


[onmyou taisenki]
Manga chapters 22 and 23 @ pms_manga!
I opened up an oekaki board for the Onmyou Taisenki folks too. :)
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