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[talk] MyAnimeList.net


Is this MAL for short, huh? <- according to their IRC chan, yes

I'd been looking for a place to put an online list of the anime I've seen and have been too bothered to deal with the tedious way of doing them on ANN, anidb.net, etc. MyAnimeList.net is pretty good so far.

With a little lead from myth720, I've built up the majority of my seen anime list. Taking a break after 350-ish titles. Uwaaa. The profile pages and some of the other ways it works reminds me of facebook before it became loserifically littered with junk applications (ugh, I can't do school networking with all that shit on it). And I added the four main Digimon Savers characters to the listing so I could fav them, submitted ryuu_rogue to the fansubbers listing and waiting to add Onmyou Taisenki manga. >w< ; Join, add? Anime people networking? Spam Digimon love? *hopeful* XDDDD Either way, one more thing settled.

They can import anidb.net lists. If you have a lot to add and can remember stuff off the top of your head, just use search and add from there to speed things up.

Kyaa, that finally let out a lot of the brainstuff I jumbled up during Otakon. Let it out, let it out. Yays!
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