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[talk] Body appreciates intellectual and heart-warming stimulation... at the same time only.

I thought I wouldn't update again until the start of next month, but weh. I'm already fangirl-deprived, erk! Except the ending of 24 & 25 of Geass made me roll my eyes again as expected, so none of that please. I doubt I'd be watching it at all if I wasn't such a dork for JunJun.
* Splash watches this on her really funky widescreen laptop: ォサ Onmyou Taisenki 33 XviD DVDRAW [19B49834].avi ォサ 08:32 / 23:23 ォサ 640x480 ォサ 23.976 fps ォサ ~178.71KB/s ォサ 244.86MB ォォ XviD MPEG-4 codec
< Splash> omg I just realized Riku and Momo are Lelouch and CC.... HAHA
< Petchop> O_O?!?!??!!
< Petchop> onmyou?!
< Petchop> maji?!
< Splash> hahaha yada~~
< Petchop> zenzen nitenai XD
< Splash> yeah XD
< Splash> funny Sunrise

Speaking of Sunrise, Gintama 66... hana yori dango~ Long live Gintama anime ♥

August 1st, 2007 is coming! Digimon's 10-year anniversary... there will be fun, music and love... :)

Digimon~~~ *wibbles*

Playing with avs filters on encoding, wee~ Wouldn't mind some fansubbing blabber too. I've had some really fun convos about that lately, but they've all been pretty short and I want to get really in-depth with the ones with real experience. :D

But I'll be spending the nights at other people's homes for pretty much every weekend in August. Just for notice.
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