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[talk] Otakon 2007 Report

Shoutouts: onkei_kun, petshopmistress, furoraken, hanjie, creoa, yen_san, banzaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Miss you all already. ToT
Hahahahahaha I'm so sorry we got lost so often even though we've been to the con twice before already. No sense of direction at all.

Well, when Zerox told me that 3 people from Wisconsin were coming down on the ride with us, I didn't expect to know any of them. It turns out that only 2 of them could make it, and one of them was Nick, the Anime-Empire encoder who spoke on the fansubbing panel with Zerox. Aside from them making us wait 5 additional hours for them to arrive, he was really cool.
Anyway, my mom fed the 2 Wisconsin people while Zerox went out to meet up with Kagari (who apparently lives close by o_o) for a meal somewhere else. We got a chance to speak with the two less-familiar guys face-to-face and they were quite interesting. Was really nice. Wish some of you online guys could've been with us for some of the conversations we had on the way back. Ohhhh. XD

Ryuu (Saizen), whom we roomed with at Days Inn, was a hero. There needs to be more men like him in the world. He even offered us sushi (SALMON), although we decided to let him keep it. Great guy. Aside from some bathroom mishap from someone in his group (...), it was good rooming with them. They were nice guys, certainly better than most of the guys I've met at umich at least. Otaku powar. We swapped con-swab, they had gamecube fun and we all had some goooooood sleepover-type laughs at bedtime. haha petshopmistress, it ended up being a room of us 2 girls and then 7 guys, eh? And then only one non-Asian, hahaha. Absolutely could not have been as funny without you, Leanne. XD

I'm blabbing more about the transportation and rooming people now because I realize we didn't take any pictures with them. Aw.~

Purchased list:
-3 older Animage issues for $9, with all goodies included. Sweetz0rs. Mostly Haruhi. Plus GSD and Geass, eh. .__.; Nice stickers, posters, articles and lots of other good things.
-1 Gintama Clear File (Shinsengumi)
-1 Eminence CD Album (with many hot autographs thanks to onkei_kun ♥)
-1 RO Poring face pin from Artist's Alley
-1 Σ(゜Д゜) pin from Artist's Alley

Not much because I buy too much straight from Japan (Digimon Memorial CD will be coming with quite a lot of other stuff D:). And there were no Digimon Savers doujinshi at the con. Of course there weren't any. :( At least onkei got a really hot Lamento anthology >w< ~

Got into the convention center at about 11am. Did Digimon Savers Hirari karaoke with onkei_kun, but no one else seemed to recognize it and it was probably too early... wah. XD Oh well, there are more ways for us to sing.~ Went through Dealers Room, Otakon Game Show and the AMV contest.

Wore the ol' Renamon outfit, got recognized quite a few times even though it's such a half-done cosplay, hahahaha. oh well, Digimon love! :D Digimon/Pokemon meetup at 10, then Anime Name That Tune... but the usual host didn't make it on time, so people who happened to have their mp3 players with them played random anime songs for people to guess freely. I would've liked to use my mp3 player if I had brought it there since I have mostly various newer op/ed songs on it and I would've liked to see who's been keeping up. No prizes, beh. XD

We were planning to go see Seki Tomokazu, but we met up with Katie instead and had a long and enjoyable lunch. We heard there was some rampant fangirl chaos at the event and tons of people lost the opportunity to get his autograph anyway.

Iron AMV Editor:
Nick suggested we go to the Iron AMV Editor and he noted people would really be chatting it up on the DS Pictochat during it. It was true. Even the AMV judges at the front were on Pictochat. Actually, you could go just about anywhere within the convention center and find pretty crowded Pictochats. So much DS love ♥
Either way, it was a heck of a lot more fun and I didn't know that they would be entertaining us the whole time, hahaha. We had been wondering what they would do for 4 full hours. They showed a mix of AMV classics and held mini-competitions where 2 volunteers would go up, then everyone would watch an AMV that used various anime. Afterwards, the volunteers would go one after another, identifying a series that showed up in the AMV until one no longer knew/remembered any more series.
I volunteered to go up once. The guy I was up against and I listed like 5 series each. Then I was about to forget what I had seen when I saw some guy in the front row holding a puppet of the Midori no Hibi girl, which was in the AMV. After that, the other guy couldn't name any more and I won. D: I thanked the puppet guy afterwards, haha. I got three volumes of random Korean-to-English manga "Threads of Time" that doesn't interest me. What do I do with it. D:
Anyway, they had 6 or so rounds of competitions. They picked the contestants for one of the rounds by picking out usernames from the Pictochat. XD
They also presented the awards for the AMV contest, and most of the ones we were hoping for got 'em even though we didn't vote. w00t. :D I'll probably try hunting downloads or youtube links later on. For now, the winners:
Romance/Sentimental: Where the Sidewalk Ends [End of the Road] - Ah! My Goddess
Serious/Dramatic: Veska Gankutsuou [Boom Boom Ba] - Gankutsuou
Upbeat/Rhythm: Ouran: Love! Angst! Crack!! [Are you Gonna Be My Girl] - Ouran High School Host Club
Humorous/Satirical: I'm Available, Ladies ;) [Your Love is (Love Song With Metaphor)] - Various Anime
Action/Voters' top choice: Sesshoumaru Champloo (Assassin) - Inuyasha, Samurai Champloo

Finished the day at the convention center by browsing the Artist's Alley.

Went through the last-minute shopping sales at the Dealers Room, then the Eminence Concert. Was a nice way to conclude things. :) I wonder what Sakimoto honestly thought of the yaoi and hentai comments. XD

On TokyoTosho, the person who recorded this was apparently sitting at the front row hehe o_o~:
[anonymous] Eminence Symphony Orchestra - Otakon 2007 select clips Website | Details
Size: 226.06MiB | Date: Mon Jul 23 2007 23:49 GMT | Comment: Fresh from Otakon, see eminenceonline.com for more about Eminence

The ride back home was tons more entertaining than the ride over since we were all mostly awake and not trying to sleep in such an impossible situation.
On the way out, Nick wanted to take a picture of the sign of Orly street in my neighborhood. Did he get it? If not, I should go and take one for him then haha. Or I should take a pic of it anyway. I'd forgotten for a while that we had that.

Post-Otakon plans for the summer:
-Oxford Seminar
-Tomato mood theme v1.1... probably as ryuu_rogue works through the DVD versions. Aegisub's .png save feature is my new hero for future animated gifs. Will replace some of the images used for certain adjectives on the theme.
-Starting Digimon Savers DVD (onkei_kun, some test kara encodes are in the Projects/Digimon Savers DVD folder of the FTP if you want to look, and any suggestions for spicing them up since these 1st op/ed are pretty simple XD)
-Waiting for petshopmistress so I can finish off scanlating Onmyou Taisenki manga
-Other fansubbing as usual
-T...The future...

Pics (errr, still figuring out which ones to keep private?) and Luminous Arc blab later, assuming most of the pics will be from hanjie~
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