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[download] Digimon Savers Tomato moodtheme v1.0

Digimon Savers Tomato moodtheme v1.0
Features mostly Masaru and Tohma from Digimon Savers. yepyep

Preview | Download (1.7mb)

Installation instructions in the zip's Readme.txt
Alternative installation instructions by crackified, which also works for free accounts.

Please credit splash in your profile or credits page if you use this moodtheme! Enjoy, and comments are funfun (≧v≦)ノ゙

Blab: Ohohohohohoho I made a moodtheme, at last! I even tried to even out the number of Masarus and Tohmas... taihendeshita. =w=; Maybe it needs more animations or something because the hyper one is the only one so far. XD

*edit* Version 1.1 is available here!
Tags: otp - tomato, series - digimon savers
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