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[talk] Otakon schedule

Otakon plans... to be edited continuously!

Transportation: Zerox20 and his friends from Wisconsin are driving 2 cars and should arrive at my house late afternoon on Thursday. We'll feed them for an hour and then and we'll drive to the convention center from there. The drive from my house should take 10 hours unless traffic further impedes.
Rooming: I'll be sharing one of nikolai's rooms at Days Inn with petshopmistress, furoraken, hanjie, Becky (?) as well as Ryuu (Saizen-fansubs friend) and 4 of his guys, bringing the total to 10 people in our 2-bed room. I'm bringing a sleeping bag. :x
Scheduled activities:
●Karaoke - Friday afternoon~ (Hirari, others?)
●Pokemon/Digimon meet-up - Saturday 10:00am, Fountain
●Anime Name That Tune - Saturday 10:30am, Panel 1
●Eminence/Sakimoto: Saturday 12:30pm, Autographs 1, or 6pm Autographs 2
●Eminence performance - Sunday 12-1:30pm, Main event
●(maybe...) Seki - Saturday 2:00pm, Main event
●(maybe...) Seki Signing - Saturday 3:30pm, Autographs 1

●Free time: Dealers room, Karaoke cafe, food, artist's alley, gaming room? (never been there, so maybe try it out~), hotel room, amvs

Contact info for the appropriates. I'll turn my cellphone on Thursday, haha.
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