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[talk] Ragtime - When you're in a mood for a musical...

Ragtime the Musical (Wiki)
Performed by Portage Central High School, May 2004

1st Act - 1 hour 24 min (360mb)
2nd Act - 1 hour (300mb)

Image gallery (resized 50%) | One of my favorites
●Selecting this musical created some weird controversy stirup in our whitewashed city partially because of our school's well-known err... lack of diversity. That's why there are only 4 or so actual African Americans in the harlem cast (including the two main ones. XD) while everyone else is... not. More Asians like me than anything else.
●I played a Harlem woman and an immigrant, but you won't see much of me. *runs* I couldn't take any significant roles because I had to miss one of the performances to go to my last Junior Symphony Orchestra performance... and I was already passing on performing at my teacher's piano recital on my final year... not a happy thing. And I had jumped in after auditions had long passed anyway because my friends really wanted me to and they needed more Harlem cast. I had lots of messy emotions during my senior year in high school with so many commitments to juggle all at once~.
●Coalhouse, Booker T. Washington (filling in for the student who couldn't make the performance for the recording day, so he's in the gallery instead), the older harlem vocalist (she only appears at the end of the 1st act & curtain call) and the kids are guests from another theatre, but the rest of the people are all from our high school.
●Fufufufu my good friend Chris plays Henry Ford (don't think he wants me giving out his LJ XD). He, Tateh and Brother also went to U of M, so I see them around.
●Lawl Paul the gentleman and trolley man (and he bows Japanese style LOL). Neal's in there too. Chris took on a bunch of random other roles and is in pretty much every scene with a crowd of people. XD
●Melissa's singing as Mother ♥ ~
●Pbbbbb the camera gets all shakey at the end because the recorder had to stand up with everyone else in the audience.
●Mother, Father, Tateh and I think Emma Goldman and Brother? performed Louder Than Words (from another musical) for our high school graduation, and I did the piano part. A really good memory, but our family didn't have the supplies to record it back then. aw.
●People paid good money to see this. Pictures of cast members carrying the sign with our sponsors in the gallery... xDDD And honestly this is one of the musicals done while I was at the school that has the most..."openings" as in, the most gaps where you can feel the high-school levelness. The year before this one when they did Les Miserables was even better... I'd like to bug Chris to see if he has the DVDs for that maybe since he played the Master of the House~~~. XD
●I have the broadway soundtrack if anyone wants it.

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