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[talk] STUFFS

Digimon Adventure 1-26 subs @ ryuu_rogue \o/

Upcoming TOHMA X GAOMON NOJI-NII X NAKAPAN CD interesting~~~
Info also @ murabitoken for members.

Lamento is in Doujin Work.~

Otakon transportation: Looks like it's confirmed that Zerox20 will be coming over from Illinois with some friends who drove down from Wisconsin to pick up petshopmistress and me. My mom offered to feed them. Leanne, make dessert? :D And then we'll be driving over to Otakon. Hope it goes well!

Less than a week until the con and the full schedule's not up. I don't remember when they usually have it up (something in the back of my mind tells me 3 days before), but... o_O;

*edit 7/15* Schedule waii */edit*

62 pages done. o>

You weirdos...
A one-day date in Austria... where would they go during the first part of it? *hungry for ideas*
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