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[talk] Rolling in Digimon, Luminous Arc

Material spam post. More amazon stole'd goodness.
Digimon Savers DVD 14 & 15 covers.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa these two. ♥ ...
*hears glorious music*
I'm randomly guessing Ikuto/Yoshino/Ravemon/Rosemon will be on 16 and the final 17 will be... something utterly love beyond my imaginationbreakgobonkers.

*doujins* It's flailing around 53 or so pages atm. Some of it is, um... wow, we really live in such a struggle world. Tomato gets caught up in it but makes it all better in the end ♥

Digimon Adventure @ ryuu_rogue \o/
Was a fun post to make. Enlighten, enlighten!
Previously, I only had a semi-interest in the whole technical scheme of fansubbing, especially when it came to encoding since people would throw out all these terms I had no clue about (and I was considering Computer Science when I was a freshman? Yeesh). I'd listen to conversations between encoders in staff chans and catch on here and there, but nothing really made sense to me until I started digging for information myself. CCCP's wiki is really interesting. +w+

Mm, I'm still saddened that the fansubbing panel won't be at Otakon this year even though I probably wouldn't find it as interesting now, shucks. XD Nintendo DS stuff will fill in the gap. Which leads to...

20% discounts off Play-Asia's entire current stock! Limited time D:!!!!!!!!!! Help me get affiliation credits by buying from the link? XD I got Luminous Arc because it's cheaper than the US preorder with the discount, has a pretty good seiyuu cast (finally, voices in one of my games), and has good reviews from people who enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics Advance which I loved. The game comes out in the US in August with typical ugly dubbed-over voices. Mahahaahahahaa.
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