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[talk] Shining Tears X Wind 12, Fruits

Digimon Adventure 1-13 subs at ryuu_rogue, + h264 softsubbed mkv versions to come later :3

Not sure what the delay is at Kyuu for STxW, but I'm guessing they'll be back on track after some of their real-life things are settled. Busy summers... ^^

Uhyaaaaaaa Shining Tears x Wind ep 12...

Why is Souma's ultimate soul blade from... LOL

Souma: *pulling and grinning* "It's hot!"

*special Ishida noises following aiya*

He pulled it out of him. ara. fanservice kimoi. motto yare! XD~

It's great that our family likes fruits(/vegetables?), but in our refrigerator right now...
●Bunch of green grapes I'm finishing off right now
●Full carton of strawberries
●3 apples
●3 mangoes
●1/4 of a seedless watermelon
●10 peaches/nectarines
6 Roma tomatoes

How am I supposed to eat all of this by myself before any of it spoils. Someone come over and help me with the peaches and mangoes xD
My mom's dish of fried tomatoes, eggs, and a dash of leek is ♥♥♥. I must master it.
Tags: food
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