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[talk] Digimon Savers (*´Д`)'`ァ'`ァ never stops

Looks like I'm definitely set for Otakon 2007. Traveling with petshopmistress HUZZAH!! Just need to settle on finding the cheapest transportation option. :D

Stolen off Amazon Japan:
The cover for Digimon Savers DVD 12 (or 13?)... Well, they'll be getting here next week. Or even on Saturday because DHL Express is crazy nice (but expensive... I want economy shipping option back!) :o

heya Masaru and Tohma. I suppose ShineGreymon is the ominous crimson in the back? XD waaa that's raunchy goodness.

Late, but I had these screenshots sitting on my comp for a while... So how many people actually noticed the redraws for the 2nd version of the 1st opening?
haa, Aoi Sayo really cute-ified Savers >w< ~ lovelove.

Another Choushinka Best CD. Awesome! But.....Missing Digimon Savers OST tracks for my moneys, please... *begs*

Have lots of Digimon to encode on the family computer over the next couple weeks~
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