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[talk] OTAKON 2007 CAN WE? + Leveling-up the Fansubber

WAAAAAA I REALLY WANT TO GO TO July 20-22's OTAKON TO MEET hanjie AND onkei_kun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PICTURES! PICTURES HOSHII! asdfkjdh.
petshopmistress, LET'S GOING! furoraken, my parents need to know you're the real thing! XDDD

Anybody want to stop by my place in Kalamazoo, Michigan and PICK US UP TO GO THERE?!

Otherwise, I'll have a long 19 hours on Greyhound... gotta ask, gotta ask ^^
Might possibly have a semi-lift from Zerox20's friend. Looking into it. xD

...Hmm, Cartoon Network licensed Eyeshield. Looks like the ep 83 Leanne and I did for them won't be getting released. XD Less work for Saizen. Guess I won't be catching up with watching the anime. Speaking of which, I'm back on the oofuri project now that the joint with Entropy's off. Too lazy to go into details about that now. Everyone's sort of just going their own pace in that project anyway XD

And I finally got encoding with h264 and AVS down thanks to prodding wonderful encoder friends in the fansubbing circles. XD Digimon goodness here we come!

Planning to have a meal with Zerox20 (Previous Anime-Kraze owner and now leads some stuff for AnimeYuki) this weekend. Also with petshopmistress, yes? *hug* :D

Ragnarok Online 2-2 class "Fansubber" job skills level up! ... hey they don't really exist but somehow the accomplishments feel fun when they're put into MMORPG context.
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