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[talk] LJ meme, Heroes of Mana, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings


Yoinked from harumi:

So, splash, your LiveJournal reveals...

You are... 2% unique (blame, for example, your interest in ・。繧・竏ゥマ俄茜)繧懶ス。) and 12% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy writing). When it comes to friends you are popular. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are wary of trusting strangers. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is intellectual.

Your overall weirdness is: 45

(The average level of weirdness is: 27.
You are weirder than 87% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

Lol, whatever interest it was trying to pick at me for, it didn't convert the Japanese properly.
And I don't see how my recent public entry that was analyzed is intellectual. Or maybe it looked at a different entry, but still... o_o;;
I wonder how it analyzed most of it, really.

Sweet, make me weirder~

Got Heroes of Mana and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings for the DS, both Japanese. The surface similarities are a little scary. Plotwise, they're both based off another game within their respective series (HoM based off Seiken Densetsu 3 for the SNES, FF:RW based off Final Fantasy XII for the PS2). HoM and FF:RW are also both RTS (Real-time Strategy) games from Square Enix, relying on the innovation of the DS touchscreen. Hell, they even share the same character designer, which I find really unusual for two games of different franchises released on the same platform within one month of each other (what a mouthful).

I wasn't going to get Heroes of Mana at first because I knew that it wouldn't be a game that lives up to my love of Seiken Densetsu 2 & 3 for the SNES, which are probably my 2 favorite RPGs of all time. SD2 & 3 went in exact direction of gameplay I enjoy the most (playing those with friends? SOMETIMES BETTER THAN SEX...), but regrettably, NO RPGs I've played since then have gone in that direction. But Play-Asia made HoM a weekly special ($20) and I couldn't resist. I do have some general Mana fangirl left in me.

This was my first time really trying the RTS style of gameplay. I started with Heroes of Mana without reading any more info on it, just to get some first impressions of the RTS. I enjoyed it, though I failed an early mission because it was hard for me to catch up with everything going on. Well, my first RTS, so it's understandable to mess up big time like this. Comes with the difficulty that I don't have the patience to deal with, so I end up using the aid of a walkthrough for strategies. XD And as usual, I wasn't sure what to make of my other impressions, so I shuffled over to gamefaqs to get more in-depth.

I thought it was kind of weird that it was quite difficult to get the characters going to where I wanted them to go (although I did get a happy kick out of being able to circle 20+ characters with one swish of the stylus and sending them all to the same place). Seems I wasn't the only one:

"The ONLY problem with Heroes of Mana is the AI. And after all, bad AI doesn't affect an RTS. Bad AI completely RUINS an RTS."
Other complaints about the AI

Yeah... it's definitely one thing they majorly overlooked. Sure, it adds to the challenge, but LOL... It definitely should've been worked on. That's just a irritating, frustrating kind of challenge more than anything else.

So I'm going to wait on a good guide before finishing that one ^^;;;; Will probably take a while.

There aren't too many Seiken Densetsu fans in general these days (with its latest two horrible games, no surprise), so there's like no motivation to get back to the good stuff. D: Really should either fix themselves or leave the franchise in the dust already. I love Seiken Densetsu too, but not like this ._.;

Oh well, in the end, I got the game for $20, so it's not too much of a killer. Seriously though, with how much they DIDN'T put into this, that should've been its starting market price.


On the other hand, Revenant Wings BIG THUMBS UP!! One of the gamefaqs boards has someone complaining that it has the worst AI he'd ever seen in an RTS, so apparently that person hadn't tried Heroes of Mana. XDDD Although its faults are still quite apparent, I found Revenant Wings' AI to be so much easier to handle.

Lots of fanboy hate going on for Square Enix making FFXII Revenant Wings. XD

But after getting used to working past the AI's faults (it's really not NEARLY as bad as HoM's), the game is just pure good fun >w< ~ I think most of them are disregarding the intent of the Ivalice Alliance. Most of them look at the game title/preview material and say "ANOTHER FF SEQUEL UGH," they think back on how much they hated FFX-2, FFVII's sequels, etc, and then assume Revenant Wings is in the same category.

Well, frankly, I didn't play FFXII and I'm understanding the game completely fine (Plus it's in Japanese, and I'm not natively Japanese whatsoever). ._.; I did watch all of FFXII's cut-scenes on youtube, but even if I hadn't, it wouldn't make a difference. It has its own storyline. The only thing they've really recycled are character designs and their personalities, but this game has its own share of new character designs/personalities anyway. The point of Ivalice Alliance is that it's Ivalice. So as a handheld strategy game, I held expectations from Final Fantasy Advanced Tactics, not just a Final Fantasy sequel. I didn't see anybody else even mention Ivalice Alliance.

Final Fantasy XII for PS2 is also Ivalice, but it's also a PS2 Final Fantasy title. The PlayStation games have been focusing more on graphics than story/gameplay since a long time ago. They should be happy enough that those stories/gameplay systems are still pretty darn good.

Yeah, I get tired of people who don't try to look at things from the perspective they were intended to be seen. Sure, it's fine to stick to your own perspective(構わん、勝手にやれ), but to not even try to understand the initial intent and respect it... This is how wars start coffcoff =w=; Luckily, this one is just over a game. XD But it's just sad that people can't do that when it really counts either... ._.;

I'm loving Revenant Wings like I did Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and personally liking it even more than FFTA. And I'm liking it for different reasons than Tactics Advance, which is a plus in itself. The characters are cute~ I love reading their diary entries and how they reply to each other's entries xD I still can't stop imagining Llyud with Noji-nii's voice |3~

And there were many interesting thoughts of Llyud x Vaan x Llyud with the whole "regaining/losing your heart" deal throughout the entire game. Yeah, I know it's supposed to be all Vaan/Penelo, but I'm just having some fun. xD

Fighting system's fine. One button and you can send EVERYONE in your party to one target. And the party system makes things much easier than HoM. I like being able to level up-- big difference in that than from HoM. I like level-whoring rather than jumping in to big challenges without an opportunity to make extra preparations. It's why I don't enjoy playing games like Zelda. It's just what I personally prefer. ^^;

Spoiler for the final battle too--waa, controlling only Vaan while all of the others leaders go in full AI mode and use EVERYTHING in their skill list like mad... that was a lot of fun to see. Just kind of wish the final boss had more HP to chock away on so I could watch them go at it more. XD I heard rumors that they were going to make the game harder overseas, quite a difference than when they make Fire Emblem games EASIER overseas, haha. But making it harder would be better for this game, since it has room to include many more challenges. :D

I liked the music just as much as FFTA's, possibly more too.

Anyway, I beat the game with 96% of the missions complete at 30 hours, so I need to figure out how to get the remaining few missions. Maybe it'll open a new section where I can view the final AMV without having to go through the whole last mission again? It's the only time they really showed Llyud in the AMVs... *q*

*edit* June 8: Waai walkthrough at GameFAQs~ now to get the last 4% at Buddhist camp. Che, as I thought, I just need to synthesize more weapons. Mendo, but at least it's fun to do~ XD */edit*
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