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[talk] New layout image D: + Second Life Digimon party

Layout image change! Yay Danube River. ^w^;~ Mmm, I was thinking about changing the colors, but then I realize that I'm just so used to this green that I didn't feel like changing it anymore. Funky since the domain is green too (in various ways), and green has never been my favorite color. But I do like green. xD

Err yeah here's the DeviantArt submission of it.

40 pictures of the June 1st Second Life Digimon party here + my random comments.~ Was fun being with you hanjie (nezucho) :D Sorry I couldn't hang around more for the second one, furoraken ;o;

Oh, and FET released the first half of his new rips of Adventure raws for the freedom of the Digimon fandom. :D banzai!

Heroes meme:

Your Score: Eden McCain

You scored 41 Idealism, 62 Nonconformity, 37 Nerdiness

I think you really want a donut.
Congratulations, you're Eden McCain! You've got a colorful past, and your persuasive abilities are second to none. In addition, you're a quick thinker with a solid amount of guts. Your best quality: The art of persuasion Your worst quality: A fondness for some stereotypically "bad" behavior

Link: The Heroes Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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