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[talk] Haircuts, DS gaming, other stuff

Happy birthday, woquinoncoin!

Uwaaa, Noji-nii's entry about his hairstyler is great. ♥ And that afterstory ROFL. Love you, Noji-nii ♥
I've still yet to get my hair styled from a parlor. I've had weird things done to it for musicals/other performances/dance parties, but those of course are all temporary, and otherwise, my hair is always long and flat.

My mom just cuts my hair for me, chopchop. Or I could do it myself any time I wanted, but it's a good assurance for some "family" time, I suppose. And it saves us money here, that's for sure. I wouldn't care less if I never got my hair styled in my lifetime. I'm very grateful for my hair's current health. ^^;

I admit I've been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings on the DS for the past couple days. Poor YesAsia had to re-ship this game to me because the first one got lost in the USPS (I hope the pathetic person who swiped it gets bad karma =o=), so I ended up getting it a month late after the Japanese release.

The main red-winged angel (Aegyl race), Llyud, is tempting fanart from me. moeeeeee su. I think he'd be a perfect role for Noji-nii if this were vocalized/animated/dramatized/waaaa voices. D:

I have a lot more to say about it when I finish it (+ some junk about Heroes of Mana), but WOW this is so worth it. I'm liking this ages beyond Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, so I really wonder what the upcoming FF Tactics game for the DS will be like. It almost makes me want to be greedy and wish that it wouldn't be getting a US/EU release so I can wallow in its untouched original goodness forever. Though they do a REALLY nice job of importing the Final Fantasy series overseas, so it shouldn't be bad in the end. Certainly better than what happens to anime...

In other news, my mom's making me go to the Buddhist weekend camp next weekend, so I'll be off the computer for that. They have housing and electricity supposedly, so I'm definitely bringing my DS stuff. XD

I'll just leech off their vegetarian noodle dishes, I suppose. I'm not sure if the aura there will be okay for me to continue doujinshi work either (some of the stuff I sat through last year for these Buddhist outings started making me sick to my stomach... watashi... sonna ni yowai ka), but I want to try.

30 pages done so far. >w< ~

There's a 6-hour Digimon party on Second Life tonight at 9pm EST. I hope I can drop by and hope it's interesting. My poor laptop with the ATI video card can hardly handle running Second Life. I have to be really careful or it crashes my computer. orz

I've caught up with uploading Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King D-kids Adventure raws to the MegaUpload list, so those who want them better get them or they'll likely expire. :)
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